2010 Fall fashion report


Posted Fri, Oct 15, 2010

Image from Anne Taylor Loft

Auraria campus- home to those of a different race, culture, ethnicity, attending either the Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD), University of Colorado Denver (UCD) , and Community College of Denver (CCD) and home to those trying to get an education while running from class to class… on stiletto heels?

As many of my peers sauntering from one class to the next, I’m baffled on how some women are able to walk on this enormous campus. Even on snow? Ladies, I can’t stress how bad of a fashion faux pas (fashion disaster) this is. Stilettos should be saved for a night out not for school. Instead of stilettos opt for low heeled, suede boots in grey, black, or brown – a fall fashion must have. It completes the student look.

Hot pink? So ‘90s. One color that ought to be avoided at all costs is hot or bright pink. Actually, any bright color should. Don’t know if your clothing is too bright, here’s how to test it. Lay it in the sun and see if you get blinded. According to the Aug. 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, an alternative to bright colors, try a more deep color, which is too loud, but loud enough. For example deep sea blues, turquoises, crimson reds, chocolates, gold, deep greens, grays, royal blues, and for those who can’t stop wearing pink- coral or a softer, pastel pink. According to InStyle, pink just isn’t meant to be loud anymore.

Shirts with sayings and logos are a no-no. Try solids or prints, and don’t forget to layer. Layering is ideal for Colorado’s ever-changing weather. It’s great for those students who start early in the morning when it’s chillier than the afternoon, when the temperature is at it’s highest. It’s also easier to adjust when your classroom is too hot or too cold. Not to mention, it’s cute. Cardigans are an excellent way for getting that ‘layered look’ especially when paired with a scarf. And don’t be afraid to go bold with your scarf. Try adding printed scarves and cardigans instead of solids. They’ll go great solid colored shirts, and add oomph to your look without making it seem like you belong at a party and not in class.

Do not carry more than one bag, unless you need to for a class (books, yoga mats, paints, etc), it’s a lunch bag, or for your laptop. Caring a purse in one hand, and a backpack on your back makes people wonder –how much stuff does she need to get through a day of classes?

Classroom fashion is all about being modest, chic and elegant –it gives one an intelligent look and it’s in your best interest to look intelligent in class. To achieve this make sure your clothing fits your body. Do not over emphasize your body. Opt for form fitted clothing instead of skintight clothing, to some extent layering does accomplish this. And make sure you aren’t showing too much skin. If you wish to show your legs, select a covering top, and vice versa. Remember a sophisticated look is always in style.

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