Spring Fling Equals Food, Fun and Food


Posted Thu, Apr 28, 2016

By Craig Hall

[Photo: Craig Hall]

Thai Stick operator Cha has been operating the Thai Stick for 20 years.[Photo: Craig Hall]

DENVER, Auraria Campus—It’s that time of in the semester that stresses both students and faculty, last few weeks.

The annual Spring Fling offers a welcome diversion from the stress for students and faculty by allowing them to feel the vibes of the ancient world bazaar. Amusement, games, and most importantly, food.

Scattered throughout the Spring Fling bazaar, one can find the main attractions, food trucks and vendors offering an assortment of deliciousness for one’s palate. Finding these treasures of epicurean delight is not difficult — they are everywhere.

University of Colorado at Denver junior, Elizabeth Moroni said of the food, “The food trucks all have good food,” she waits her turn at Thai Stick food vendor. Moroni was drawn to the Thai Stick because it “smelled good.”

Craig Hall

“The food is excellent, reasonable.” — Neighborhood Community Officer Curtis Famrenholtz [Photo: Craig Hall]

MSU Denver student Freddie Gamez added, “They have Monkey Balls like at the Dragon Boat Festival. Those are phenomenal. This is my first time eating The Thai Stick ones though.”

Neighborhood Community Officer Curtis Famrenholtz offered his assessment,” The food is excellent, reasonable. The Thai Stick has outstanding wings.”

As for the popularity of the Thai Stick, word of mouth and longevity. Cha, the Thai Stick operator has been a fixture for 20 years at the event, and does it, “because of the interaction with the students….and the money.”

If the Thai Stick is not you gig, food trucks galore are ready to serve your liking. CRU member Jose Martinez points out, “They have a nice diverse mix.” Some, like sound engineer, Brian Svoboda don’t think too highly of the food offerings, having said, “The food trucks are overpriced for the quality that is a step-up from fast food.” For the many who enjoyed the food— bon appétit

Stephen Snyder, 20

MSU Denver student Stephen Snyder,  enjoys some Sweet Cow ice cream. [Photo: Ethan Wackerman] 

Spring Fling Comes To Campus
By Ethan Wackerman

DENVER, Auraria Campus- Last week a collection of vendors, food trucks and different organizations came to Auraria Campus for Spring Fling.

Vendors selling bohemian wares lined the sidewalks in the quad as a group of students played football. The smell of an armada of food trucks filled the beautiful spring day in Denver and volunteers stood behind their respective booths waiting for curious festival attendees.

Metro State University student, Stephen Snyder 20, was in line waiting for a smoothie to cool down from the shining spring sun. “I really like that they put this on and what a great day for it,” Snyder said. He was also excited for the many food trucks there. “Toro the Tot is one of my favorite food trucks in DenverI have seen them a lot at the Civic Center Eats food truck round up in Civic Center Park.”

While in line for Toro the Tot, Community College of Denver student, Nicholas Kwapy 23, was chowing down on a hot mountain of “Toro Tots.” (Tasty Spanish-American Tater tots) “This is what you should get,” Kwapy said, “They are stuffed with bacon and cheddar. How can you say no?”

After enjoying the Toro Tots and a cool smoothie. I walked through the line of despondent booth personnel. They didn’t seem very engaged or were just feeling the effects of the blistering sun. None of the booths made any effort to slow me down or bring their cause to my attention the most engaging booths were the ones concerning military recruitment. Spring Fling was undoubtedly a boon for food trucks and vendors, however, the booths seemed to not have an impact on the student populace.


Students gather at the food trucks during the summer of Spring Fling. [Photo: Rhiannon Goodrich]

Students gather at the food trucks during the summer of Spring Fling. [Photo: Rhiannon Goodrich]

Surprising Spring Fling
By Justina Fatland and Rhiannon Goodrich

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Wednesday and Thursday brought a surprise for many students and faculty alike on the Auraria Campus in the form of food trucks, vendors and more.

Spring Fling has been scheduled for quite some time, but with minimal advertising few knew to expect it.

Students like Matt McLean, an MSU Denver sophomore, and Kat Doak, an MSU Denver Junior, had no idea it was going to be happening until they arrived on campus.

Even faculty and staff had minimal awareness, one professor saying he found out from a student in one of his classes.

Associate Chair of the Journalism and Technical Communications and Associate Professor Shaun T. Schafer, Ph.D., said he only knew it had been coming up from a newsletter he receives.

However, he was unaware it would be happening this week until he saw a food truck pulling up, “and that’s when it clicked.”

Lack of advanced notice aside, the annual festival was a hit.

MSU Denver Junior Marcus Allen said, “It’s tons of fun, I enjoy the food trucks.”

And he was not alone, long lines were present at many of the food trucks in the central quad on the campus.

While waiting in line at the Sweet Cow Ice Cream truck, Rosa Gasdia, a University of Colorado Denver junior said, “I’ve been to festivals that I’ve paid for [that were] less exciting than this.”


What Are Your Plans?
By Lorenzo Snoddy

Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy

UCD student Nick Conner is ready to take on his medical career next semester.  [Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy]

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Summer is right around the corner and you can feel it in the air. Whether you like school or not, you still have to get through each semester, and these 2016 Fall and Spring semesters have went by quickly.

Food, fashion and art trucks, etc. littered the Auraria campus on April 21, and the students were filled with enjoyment. I went around campus to ask students just a few questions so I wouldn’t take up their time.

The first student I ran into goes to the University of Colorado Denver. His name is Nick Conner. The first question I asked all students I interviewed was how their classes were going? Nick mentioned that his classes were going good, but also mentioned that he was thinking about transferring to Metropolitan State University to join their medical school.

[Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy]

MSU Denver student Eric Massimbo has two classes left and is eagerly waiting for the summer. [Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy]

When I asked Nick whether he was ready for finals or not he gave a little laugh and said, “I guess it depends on what final you’re talking about.” I then ran into Eric Massimbo who currently goes to MSU Denver. I asked him the same questions, but he calmly told me that his classes were just all right. Eric has only two more classes left, so I asked if he had any plans for summer. Eric Responded by saying, “Hang around and play ball, maybe work.”

The next student I met on campus was Gabrielle Shaughnessy who attends MSU Denver as well. She is counting down her days on campus as she only has one take home final and three other finals, but she has more of a plan to take a road trip to Florida.

Daniel Gebremdhin who goes to MSU Denver as well is also planning a trip to California and San Diego. Daniel was honest enough to say he wasn’t ready for finals yet however.

Whether the student is doing well in his classes or not, there are only a couple weeks of school left! Everyone better start planning trips and ideas for summer because it’s near. What are your plans for summer?


Rei Reid shows off the MSU Denver Painting Club Artwork while also painting a photo of her own on Auraria campus Apr 21. [Photo: Rachel Strand]

Rei Reid shows off the MSU Denver Painting Club Artwork while also painting a photo of her own on Auraria campus April 21. [Photo: Rachel Strand]

Spring flings across Auraria
By Brandon N. Sanchez and Rachel Strand

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Sight of all the flowers and buds on the trees and blue skies. Spring had sprung outside Metropolitan State University of Denver this week from April 20-21.

Vendors came out to Auraria campus for Spring Fling 2016 to show case their wares. From student organizations to food carts, while others displayed handcrafted jewelry and artwork.

Booths displaying art from the MSU Denver Paint Club hung across metal railings for patrons. Rei Reid, a member of the Paint Club, helped run the groups booth and provided insight into the different works on display. And also discussed the reason behind why the group is selling their art work. “We’re out here selling stuff so we can buy more paint,” Reid said. “I’ve had fun hanging out and painting.”

There were also some newcomers to Spring Fling 2016. Vanessa’s knitting owned by Barbara Delaney displayed handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other homemade items. There were various hand-made knitted items as well. One unique feature of Delany’s jewelry was that crafts snap jewelry. “It’s jewelry that fits into other kinds of jewelry,” Delany said. “I don’t know how else to explain it.”

An overall amazing experience for everyone at Auraria. What will be in store for next year’s big Spring event?


Alexa Brown takes asks Aurarians to take a survey about student involvement at Auraria Campus, April 21, 2016

Alexa Brown asks Aurarians to take a survey about student involvement at Auraria Campus, April 21, 2016 [Photo: Alex Schmidt]

Fling into spring
By Alex Schmidt and Edgar Lucero

DENVER — It’s that time of the year where you see students and faculty speed walking around campus, but they’re not rushing to attend class. There trying to beat the line at the Firetruck to get their hands on a delicious crepe.

It’s the 2016 Spring Fling at Auraria Campus that is getting students, faculty and vendors involved in this fiasco of event.

Walking through campus Aurarians come across table booths that are representing some of the extracurricular activities here on campus and different types of vendors, from food to clothes.

“It seems like each year this event is getting bigger and better,” said Emily Frank who was waiting for her second order of crepes at the Firetruck.

Frank also mentioned how she thought the food trucks definitely got more people interested in participating in this event. Not only do you get to brows the options of clubs to join but also taste a variety of food.

Emily Frank enjoys her second crepe from one of her favorite food trucks at Auraria Campus, April 21,2016

Emily Frank enjoys her second crepe from one of her favorite food trucks on Auraria Campus, April 21,2016 [Photo: Alex Schmidt]

Aurarians did notice how some booths were offering a range of free propaganda or edible snacks to catch the eyes of those passing by.

When asking Alexa Brown who was representing the “Student Activity Office” booth her opinion on the event she said, “I think it’s very successful.” Brown did comment how the free snow cones was a helpful tactic to attract students. But it defiantly got students asking questions.

Aurarians also ran across Fernanda Mora and Shelby Gregor who were whipping off the sweat off their forehead from this hot spring day.

“There is a lot of things going on, I think it’s a good resource for students who want to get involved,” said Mora who was working at the Student Call Center. “I got involved through this event.”

As the years progress Aurarians can only assume that more and more students, faculty and vendors will get involved, which will only help on the success of the event.

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