Spring Fling 2017 Gathers Entertainers and Activities


Posted Sun, Apr 23, 2017

Children’s Hospital’s Moises Muñoz informed visitor’s about the hospital’s  Immunodeficiency program. [Photo: Mayra Cabrera]

Auraria Campus Spring Fling Extravaganza!
By Mayra Cabrera

DENVER, Auraria Campus – April 20, was a wonderful day to be on campus! Food, drinks, fun and excitement rolled all into one.

“It’s Spring Fling!!!”

Booths representing different campus organizations, clubs and events brought joy to students who are coming down the semester’s homestretch.

All the students awaiting summer vacation enjoyed outdoor activities including crashing into one another with inflated bouncy balls. Steve is one of the staff members for InFUNity Events, Colorado’s Premier Event Co., who brought some of the active entertainment to the Auraria campus. Students of all ages and different institutions are joining the crazy fun, which is a great idea to relieve some stress when finals are almost here.

Many vendors were lined up to show students their unique talents, information and interesting opportunities to get involved and/or receive help with anything they may need.

Vendor Moises Muñoz works for Children’s Hospital Immunodeficiency Program (CHIP) Prep Clinic, which provides HIV treatment from ages 13 to 24. Their mission is to improve the health and quality of life for children, youths, young adults, pregnant women and families living with, affected by, or at risk for HIV infection. Muñoz said that anyone is welcome if you, or anyone you know falls into the category of being affected by HIV.

Spring Fling on Auraria is an unexplainable experience anyone on campus can attend, because meeting new people, getting helpful and right information, and having stress relief can be the best time of your life.

DJ Elliot Boyer, an MSU Denver junior, filled Auraria’s courtyard with upbeat mixes. [Photo: Montana Martin]

Spring Fling 2017 Gathers Entertainers and Activities
By Ali Watkins

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Auraria Campus hosted its annual Spring Fling event on April 20. It’s a place where student organizations, academic departments and more, set up booths with games, prizes and pamphlets in attempt to get students involved in something new.

The main goal is to grow the student life, but the most intriguing part is the yummy food, crazy activities and entertainment.

Metro junior, Elliot Boyer, was the DJ for the event. He filled the courtyard with upbeat mixes of  popular songs. “You have to feel the energy to determine what to play,” Boyer said about his music choices. This is the first year that Met Media hired Boyer to play the Spring Fling.

Others attend every year such as Devin Duran, a CU Denver student turned busker (street performer), who enjoys entertaining his peers with his juggling. Duran has attended every year, performing impressive tricks. His personal tradition is accompanied by grabbing food from a Peruvian booth. Duran said that his favorite part about the Spring Fling is “all the food!”

Busker Devin Duran has preformed at every Spring Fling event.  [Photo: Montana Martin]

There were several booths, trucks and treats scattered around campus. Even student tables offered snacks and drinks like snow cones and lemonade.

Refreshments were necessary with all of the activities. Whenever students weren’t dancing to Boyer’s music, they could play “bubble soccer” outside of the Tivoli. Element at Auraria provided human-sized blow up balls. Austin Cagaanan, a coordinator for Element and a senior at Metro, said that the game of bubble soccer turned into more “bumper cars.” The organization shares the same goal as the Spring Fling — getting students involved on the commuter campus. Element provides fun, athletic activities at every Spring Fling and every week Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4 p.m.

Alpha Sigma Alpha was getting out the word that students need to get more involved in their student government. [Photo: Audrey Frye]

Spring Fling at Auraria Campus
By Audrey Frye

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Spring Fling welcomed Auraria students with different booths of organizations, activities and free food. Outside of the Tivoli Student Union, booths from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Community College of Denver and University of Colorado Denver were lined up face to face and all along the quad area. Booths included resources from each university including health, counseling, fitness, traveling, languages and many more.

“There is a lot of energy here today,” said Jasmine Huerta Hernandez, volunteer coordinator for Student Activities. “There are a lot of people coming by and are getting in the school spirit. It’s nice to see everyone get hyped up again.”

While students explored different organizations, DJ Elliot Boyer played some upbeat classics and the students could not help but join in on some fun dancing. Students, teachers and even organization representatives danced to the Cupid Shuffle. The Boyer brought upbeat vibes to the campus and spring was definitely in the air and engage the student body.

Spring Fling attracted students from all three Auraria institutions, MSU Denver, UCD and CCD. [Photo: Audrey Frye]

“We are tabling to recruit more girls,” said Sydney Fritz from Alpha Sigma Alpha. “We want to see more people join our sorority. Student government is getting a lot of attention and they are recruiting a lot of people.”

Spring Fling is a way organizations are able to collaborate as a whole and interact with the student body to get more involved on campus. A lot of students do not know of resources the campus offers but it is also open to people who tour the campus as well. For example, many students do not know about the recreation center and is not only for MSU Denver students. Spring Fling engages with students to really understand more of what they want and are interested in by displaying different organizations, clubs, resources and networks.

“I really want to bring awareness of our recreation center,” said Mason Bates, representative for Auraria Recreation Center. “Spring Fling is a cool event to get awareness of all the clubs. I also think its a way to meet new people and associate yourself with getting to know new people.”

Trevor Maniscalo and Elliott Flood sit at the Wring Center booth at the Tri institutional Spring Fling at Auraria Campus on April 20. [Photo: Madison Lauterbach]

Perfecting essays at Spring Fling
By Madison Lauterbach

DENVER, Auraria Campus — The Tri institutional Spring Fling festival on Auraria Campus kicked off April 20, with food, music and vendors.

The annual Spring Fling event features student organizations and resources, campus departments, food trucks and entertainment to uplift student’s spirits and involve them in the Auraria community. One student resource center in attendance was the MSU Denver Writing Center, which offers peer consultations at any stage of writing projects.

“We’re out here trying to spread the word about the Writing Center and show it to students as an available resource,” said Elliott Flood, a Center counselor.

The Writing Center helps students in all majors and provides resources to assist developing and seasoned writers. Counselors can help with a variety of projects, including essays, Honors theses and resumes.

“Instead of just sitting there trying to fix grammatical errors, we will focus on strategies to help students improve their writing overall,” Flood said. “We want to give them a boost in confidence in their writing abilities.”

The Center is growing in popularity as professors and students alike discover its benefits. Professors at MSU Denver have increasingly been providing extra credit on assignments for visiting the peer counselors. The Writing Center appointments book up for the end of the semester as students attempt to get their projects in better condition for finals.

The Center recommends making appointments in the middle of the semester before the schedule starts to fill up. Trevor Maniscalo, also a counselor at the Writing Center, said about the number of students seeking help, “It’s always growing as more people come to realize the Writing Center is such a useful tool.”

The Writing Center provides workshops and resources for English learners in addition to peer counseling. To find out more information or make an appointment, visit https://msudenver.edu/writectr/

Spring Fling at Auraria Campus
By Aaron Germani

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Spring is in the air as Auraria Campus hosted its annual ‘Spring Fling’ festival. Tents lined the sidewalks in the middle of Auraria’s campus today as many clubs, club sports, and departments from Metro State, the University of Colorado Denver and the Community College of Denver tried to gain more supporters for their organizations. Each tent consisted of advocators who were ready to persuade students to support their causes.

Brenda Diaz and Jane Mader of MSU Denver School of Professional Studies. [Photo: Aaron Germani]

The event mainly served as an opportunity for Auraria students to get out and explore the possible connections to the world around them. There were tents there for human development, Metro’s College of Professional Studies (CPS), peace corps, Metro State club sports, and varied educational departments.

Metro’s CPS department used the event as a way to raise awareness to students on campus about their department. “We just want to let students know our program exists,” said Brenda Diaz, a CPS advocator.

Even though the number of students who visited their tent was not very high, Jane Mader, CPS member, believed that it was still important to get their name out there. “We had about 20 people stop by yesterday and about seven people so far today,” Mader said. “Most students don’t even know we exist. We use this event in order to at least get our name out there.”

Likewise, many of the club sports tables tried to gain interest of the students attending the event. The event acted as an advertisement for their programs and they used the event to get a lot of their incoming players for upcoming seasons.

Even the Tivoli Station set up a tent at the event. “We use the event to advertise our low prices, our new headphones, and use a wheel spin in order to give away prizes and gain interest from more students,” said Kayla Pevarnik, a worker at the Tivoli Station tent.

The event attracted students by giving them an atmosphere that included a live DJ, multiple food trucks/stands, information of clubs they might be interested in and a carnival type feel to it. All of which created a recipe for success as many of the organizations who attended left the event having added multiple new members to their organizations.

With the end of the event comes the beginning of the spring, and the beginning of a new chapter for the organizations as they carry on their traditions with their newly added members.

EnviroHub is a glass recycling organization that help the environment one bin at a time. [Photo: Brooke Jones]

Spring Fling 2017: EnviroHub
By Brooke Jones
DENVER, Auraria Campus — Kelley Matthews, the executive director of EnviroHub, is passionate about recycling. EnviroHub is a glass recycling organization that help the environment one bin at a time. Since 2012 this 501C3 non-profit organization places recycling stations throughout the Denver metro area as well as the Front Range cities, including Evergreen and Golden. Currently the non-profit organization has been operating in Denver for one in a half years.

“We are starting from the ground up,” Matthews said.

Kelley Matthews, the executive director of EnviroHub, is passionate about recycling. [Brooke Jones]

EnviroHub has a partnership with Clear Intentions, a local glass recycling organization, together they bring this new and creative way of glass recycling.

Why glass you say?

Glass is a bit difficult to break down and recycle. Mixing glass with other recycled trash such as plastic and paper is not an effective way of recycling. The materials can’t be properly separated. This is a hazardous issue. Shocking enough only 5 percent of glass is properly recycled!

The way to promote healthy recycling is with the bins EnviorHub is willing to distribute for free.

“We will place the glass stations by schools, grocery stores, churches, event centers and lake houses,” Matthews explains.

EnviroHub wants to save 500,000 pounds of glass within their first year from local landfills across Colorado.

“Every 1 pound of glass in single stream contaminates up to 3 pounds of other recyclables” – EnviroHub
 Interested the Cause???
 EnviroHub (Keep the Leaf Growing)
5601 Downing St.
Denver, Co
Facebook: theEnviroHub

“The Real Deal” food truck — a bit overpriced, but fulfilling. [Photo: Javis Arellano]

MSU Denver Spring Fling in Full Effect
By Javis Arellano

DENVER, Auraria Campus – While the semester is almost over for Auraria Campus students, the two-day Spring Fling Festival allowed them to relax and take a break before the dreading finals week arrive.

From vendors to school clubs, students were exposed to a lot of organizations that were beneficial to them one way or another.

“We got free Beta club tickets,” said Andrea Herrera, an MSU Denver student who managed to snug three free entries to one of Denver’s most popular nightclub.

Not only was there free giveaways, but also a variety of food trucks from different places. The one food truck that caught my attention was “The Real Deal,” a natural smoothie & Latin food vendor. While the food was a bit overpriced (expected), the chicken popusa and horchata smoothie fulfilled my appetite.

“The Real Deal” is an unusual name for a Latin food vendor, what was not unusual was the crowd that was drawn by this event. Even non-students from the Auraria Campus Tri-Institutions attended because there are good deals and promotions.

Goal was met, that is because the purpose of this event allows organizations, clubs and vendors to market their services or product right before summer.

Kevin Beck, an MSU Denver Men’s Soccer team member, was taking care of the Athletics tent for the day.

“This just really allows students and everybody to check out what we have to offer at the athletics department.”

Fall 2017 sports schedules and a chance to win some gear was offered in this tent. In regards to the growth of the event, “this year a lot of people came out, feels good to see the involvement from everyone here at MSU Denver.”

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