Slight shower doesn’t discourage Spring Flingers


Posted Mon, Apr 24, 2017

Despite the rain shower the CU Denver Genders and Sexualities Alliance stayed to talk to visitors about scholarships.  [Photo: Carly Cormier]

Rain on Spring Fling’s Parade
By Carly Cormier
DENVER, Auraria Campus – Spring Fling was in full swing April 20, outside of the Tivoli until it began to rain around 2 p.m., causing some vendors and tables to close up shop early. The event was scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but was cut short because of the wet weather.

Despite the rain, the CU Denver Genders and Sexualities Alliance stuck around to talk with remaining patrons. The founder, Obi Oberdier and the President Lucian Salazar talked about the annual drag show hosted by the Genders and Sexualities Alliance. The event is based around suicide prevention, but not in a morbid way.

“Instead of having a dreary event, what we do is we have this really uplifting drag show that starts with a huge resource fair,” said Obi. “We have a bunch of professional drag queens come in who donate their time, if you consume a lot of drag art frequently, you would recognize some of the names of people that we have come as headliners.”

The Alliance also collects donations that they funnel into the White Rose Scholarship Foundation. The foundation is the oldest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organization in the state of Colorado. The last two years, there was over $2,900 raised and funds scholarships in $500 increments. Five scholarships have been funded by the CU Denver Genders and Sexualities Alliance so far.
The Alliance meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Tivoli 329.

Snow cones were just one of the yummy items to be found at Spring Fling. [Photo: Montana Martin]

Spring Fling in full action across Auraria Campus
By J’nae Squires-Horton
DENVER, Auraria Campus MSU Denver students Mikayla Gonzales and Danielle Palmer decided to walk around campus on this rainy Thursday to enjoy food and games of Spring Fling 2017.

“This is my first year here and I love how Spring Fling makes the atmosphere of campus so much more active and enjoyable,” Palmer said.

Spring Fling has been a well-known tradition on the Auraria campus. Walking though the campus you come across many exciting stops including food trucks, booths that offer and represent extracurricular actives, and unique vendors from art to clothing.

A light spring shower didn’t discourage hardcore festival goers. [Photo: Montana Martin]

“It seems like every year this event gets better and better, this is the most exciting time of the year for me honestly,” Gonzales said.

While waiting in line for his grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Aurora student Michael Johnson said, “The best thing about Spring Fling are the food trucks. Nothing beats coming to campus having three to four food trucks lined up for you.”

Food trucks are one of the main attractions when you walk around Spring Fling, from Crock Spot to Hey PB&J, students have the opportunity to try many different foods.

Spring Fling is a great representation the diversity the Auraria campus enjoys. The energy that surrounds students and faculty during this time is special. It shows the combination among student organizations, local and national promoters and venders. The event is a perfect way to get students involved and engaged.

MSU Denver Anime Club. Auraria Campus Spring Fling 2017. [Photo: Leticia Anaya]

Auraria Campus Spring Fling 2017
By N. Leticia Anaya

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Clubs and school organizations reached the Auraria campus community during the two-day “Spring Fling 2017” event April 19 and 20, despite a brief rain shower.

This year more than 80 student’s organizations, and 50 of the school’s departments, non-profit organizations, food vendors and several sponsors and outside Auraria Campus vendors participated in this yearly event.

The UC Denver Genders and Sexuality Alliance club participates every year in Spring Fling, where they invite all of Auraria community to join them.

“We hold meetings every week to talk about issues,” said Lucian Salazar, president of the UCDenverGSA club. “We sponsor a big event on campus every year it’s the “Queer Lives,” which promotes accessibility, visibility and safeness of all genders and sexualities, according to our mission statement.”

They also have resource fairs to promote suicidal awareness, where they offer to those who contemplate suicide resources and support.

UC Denver SGA Auraria @ Spring Fling 2017. [Photo: Leticia Anaya]

They invite everyone who wants to become part of this club to attend their meetings every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Tivoli Senate Chambers, Room 329.

Their Facebook page is “UC Denver Genders & Sexualities Alliance.”

Other club that participated in this year’s Spring Fling is the Anime Club.

“This club is basically a social club that streams anime and show it,” Vice President Cin Mitchell said. “It is open to all institutions on campus, but we are mainly a MSU Denver organization, there is no fee, it’s an open club, just if you want to come, come.”

They meet every Tuesday and Thursday most of the times in Tivoli Room 442, also they have a Facebook page “Auraria Campus Anime Club.”

Lauren Pfefferle from CU Denver Events and Partnership Team, who is part the organization committee from the tri-institutions in Auraria Campus, said that this year the event had a great turnaround despite the weather.

“Gather people and participate is always our big struggle,” Lauren Pfefferle said. “We definitely have a lot of people come out and became aware of the different departments and organizations on campus which is big goal of ours.”

A little rain shower didn’t stop Spring Fling DJ [Photo: Montana Martin]

Spring Fling Brings All of Campus Together
By Ashton Brown

DENVER, Auraria Campus- It was unknown how long the rain would stay away. But the weather didn’t seem to detour festival goers as music blared from the stage as a DJ played the next track.

Spring Fling is a yearly event for the Auraria Campus, which includes three schools, Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado Denver and Community College of Denver. The event last two days featuring different organizations and companies selling items, giving prizes and food. (Also free advertisement.) The events feature hundreds (if not thousands) of students listening to the live music, getting free food and prizes. Also included are school organization booths for getting more involved or even booths allowing you to volunteer at that company.

One such booth is for the “Denver Christian Altitudes of Association.” (A bible study group that meets weekly.) A girl stands near this booth handing out flyers with times and locations to meet. She looks disappointed when people say they’re not interested. She was in no way as intense the booth advertising for “The World Mission Society Church of God.” They believe there is a “Mother God” (a female version of God).

Joseph Anderson, 30, stands out in the middle of the sidewalk looking for people to “convert.” An older man dressed in black shorts nears his way. Once Anderson has stopped the man he shows a two-minute video showing Bible verses that “point to the existence of the “Mother God.” After the video he says, “The Bible says there’s another God, but yet this church is the only one that believes in it.”

The most popular booths were for the most part student organization related. There were booths for student clubs, sports and internships. One booth had three blond girls wearing nearly identical clothing. One of them was handing out papers if you were interested in joining the Metro Lacrosse Team. Another wanted to get Metro Students more involved. A UCD booth wanting to get students internships.

While this is all true, one of the most popular booths was Beta. At this booth they were giving away discount cover cards, schedules, and a coupon for Red Bull. You could also enter a drawing for free tickets. One of the girls at the booth Ashley Rogers, 21, said, “Beta is my favorite and clearly others agree.” She gestured to the line behind her.

Overall Spring Fling is a way for students to become more involved on and off campus.

Bubble Ball was part of the Spring Fling celebration. [Photo: Montana Martin]

Spring Fling 2017 
By Suzanne Shapiro

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Even though rain put a damper upon Thursday’s activities of Spring Fling 2017, the participants remained jovial and unaffected.

However, despite the abbreviated opportunity, I was able to gleam some insight what some believe to be a community sell-fest for a variety of goods and services which may or may not be needed in the lives of most undergraduates.

What I did discover was, for me, a surprising lack of support for common campus clichés such as: diversity, inclusiveness and most telling: tolerance.

The Fling takes place annually on May 20th to inform those on campus of the organizations that exist at Auraria. Here one will learn more about the many clubs and what they represent.

“We’d like to attract less Christian groups and more groups like the Secular Student Alliances,” says Obi Oberdier, a LGBT student who recently interviewed at the Illiff School of Theology.  “I want to unite and integrate the LGBT community in our tri-institutional setting.” They meet Tuesday’s at 5 p.m. on the upper floor of the Tivoli Senate Chambers. Everyone is invited.

Another student, walking briskly with his tent and chair to avoid worsening weather conditions said, “more clubs and organizations offered on campus can be found on the MSU-Denver home page including times, events and dates.”

UC Denver Gender and Sexualities Alliance founder Obi Oberdier, keep the club’s booth open during the brief rain shower.  [Photo: Molly Bercow]

Gender and Sexualities Alliance Shines Through Rain
By Molly Bercow
AURARIA CAMPUS – The rain cleared out most of the 2017 Spring Fling attendees and vendors, but the UC Denver Gender and Sexualities Alliance stuck it out.

The UC Denver GSA is officially sponsored by University of Colorado Denver, but it is considered a tri-institutional club. “Members bring their partners who don’t even go here. It’s a very open club,” says club founder and first president Obi Oberdier.

Among the many positive things this club brings to campus, their annual drag show Queer Lives, which happens every fall semester, is the most inspiring.

“We have this really uplifting drag show that starts with a huge resource fair,” Oberdier said.

Resources such as the counseling center, Phoenix Center and the Auraria Police Department are all present at the fair to give advice and talk to the attendees. Donations are collected and all of that money is put toward the White Rose Scholarship Foundation. The scholarship is for LGBTQI students in Colorado.

The drag show features locally famous drag queens such as Jessica L’Whor and Vandy Sexton.

UC GSA meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Tivoli senate chambers.

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