No one is too small to change the world


Posted Wed, Oct 2, 2013

Compliments of  Kalyn Heffernan

SHE SPEAKS HIP-HOP: Weighing 53 pounds and measuring 3 ft. in length; Kalyn Heffernan is not your typical hip-hop performer. If you are in a hip-hop rap battle, and she rolls on stage to battle, you will feel the presence of intimidation. [Photo courtesy of Kalyn Heffernan]

“No one is too small to change the world.”

DENVER — Kalyn Heffernan had just rolled off the plane. One of her greatest life desires was becoming a reality as a glistening smooth black Bentley eased up and stopped in front of her. Excitement fulfilled her.

A chauffeur exited the front passenger door and walked to the back door of the Bentley. He opened the doors, and no other than R&B singer-songwriter, Tionne Watkins ‘T-Boz’ from the hip-hop group TLC appeared. Heffernan’s heart leaped with anticipation and gratefulness. She could not believe her eyes.

Heffernan was 15 at the time.

The Make A Wish Foundation had granted Heffernan the very wish she always hoped for growing up as a young girl. Heffernan, now 26, an alumnus of the University of Colorado – Denver, graduated in fall 2009 with a B.S. in Music Entertainment Industry Studies and a Tech focus.

During her tenure studying music at UCD, Heffernan formed a musical band called ‘Wheelchair Sports Camp.’ The crew has been playing a few years now, traveling to bars and venues around Colorado.

No Limits
Heffernan is known for her ability to create her own musical beats, refreshing old styles and creating new tracks in her home studio. She creates her own CD’s and band merchandise, including posters, flyers and gig set-ups.

Most of the shows Wheelchair Sports Camp has performed are financed out of Heffernan’s pocket. Her hope is that one day it will all be worthwhile in some way.

“Just the experience is everything,” she explains.

With no limits set on her dreams or expectations, Heffernan charges life with a dream that is gradually developing into her very own future.

Wheelchair Sports Camp has played with some of Denver’s top rising artists. Heffernan has played at the Gothic Theatre with rappers Salt-N-Pepa as the openers. Some of her best shows have featured famous beatbox artist Rahzel, and rapper/urban activist Immortal Technique. Wheelchair Sports Camp has played twice in Texas South by South West film, interactive and music festival in Austin. They plan on returning again soon.

This summer Wheelchair Sports Camp spent most of their time touring with the alternative rock and rap band the Flobots, and visiting various stops around the U.S. The tour landed the band an invitation to the United Kingdom where they played in the 2013 Bestival featuring top pop artists Elton John and his band, MIA, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan and the Roots.

The band had a great time and the experience was everything. Jennah Black, Heffernan’s partner says, “It was a blast and we all had a good time.”

A little about Heffernan

Weighing 53 pounds and measuring 3 ft. in length; Heffernan is not your typical hip-hop, performer. If you are in a hip-hop rap battle and she rolls on stage to battle, you will feel the presence of intimidation.

“Not only can she rap,” Black says. “Kalyn’s educational background gives emphasis to her music and lyrics, so creative and intellectual.”

Heffernan was born with a large heart to LOVE LIFE and all those that cross paths with her. Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, more commonly known as Brittle Bones disease, Heffernan has spent the duration of her life confined to a wheelchair. She has broken more than 120 bones throughout her 26 years. Nothing has held her back from living the life see has always sought after.

At a young age Heffernan discovered her passion for art and music. “I became particularly interested in Hip-hop,” she says. At 12, Heffernan entered her first talent show lip syncing classical favorites and she created her very first original rhyme.

Heffernan feels she has accomplished many things by pursing her passion and career in music. Her next hope, she said, is to be to make a living doing it.

“It has been my passion since I was a child.”

Wheelchair Sports Camp
Next Scheduled Event
Hi-Dive Nov.10

Compliments of  Kalyn Heffernan

Compliments of
Kalyn Heffernan

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