Members of Auraria campus show diversity in Fourth of July plans


Posted Thu, Jun 29, 2017

Two Auraria students plan their 4th of July over a Fat Jack’s sandwich. [Photo: Tyson Crocker & Arrack Jones]

MSU Denver Campus Lacks Excitement About 4th of July
By Tyson Crocker & Arrick Jones
DENVER, Auraria Campus – The Fourth of July normally sparks joy for many Americans, but people around campus didn’t seem to thrilled for the holiday.

Many students reacted as if they were being interrogated about Independence Day investigators and did not want to give a great amount of detail on what they were getting into. “Nothing.” “No comment,” were common answers given about their Fourth of July plans.

However, a few people did show the slightest amount of excitement. A Fat Jack’s sandwich shop employee said, she might go watch fireworks around her neighborhood, but really wasn’t too sure. A patriotic Fat Jack’s employee said he was going to shoot fireworks off in his community, but did not mention where he lived.

Madi Petri, a Tivoli employee, said she was going to be hanging out with family, but was not sure if she would partake in fireworks and the rest of the festivities surrounding Independence Day.

On the Auraria campus, it seems people are as pumped up for the Fourth as they are for every other day in July.

Auraria Transportation employees, Caleb and Clair have their 4th of July plans figured out. [Photo: Shaun Hogan]

Auraria Campus Employees Work Hard, So It Comes As No Surprise That They’re Ready to Play This Independence Day
Find out how some Auraria Employees Are Spending Their Fourth of July Break
By Shaun Hogan

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Asking a college student what their Fourth of July plans are will invariably result in an excited share.

But what about university staff? These hardworking employees toil all summer long, and even during the off semesters, so they deserve a much-needed holiday break.

Nick, an Auraria grounds maintenance employee, says he didn’t have any plans other than to spend the day with his wife. But added that he was “a little antisocial” to begin with. However, when pressed further, Nick exposed just how genuinely friendly and approachable he really is.

When it comes to maintaining the Auraria Campus grounds, Nick has his work cut out for him. “The work is never done,” and so he stays busy no matter the season or weather conditions.

Caleb and Clair both work for the Auraria Campus’ Transportation Services office located in the 7th Street garage. Caleb is really looking forward to celebrating the Fourth while attending The Blues Traveler concert and fireworks at Red Rocks.

Clair, a water fanatic, plans to spend the holiday fishing with family and friends at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. “The summer has been busy this semester,” Clair said. Given how busy this summer has been for Auraria employees, it’s not a surprise that a lakeside adventure would be an event to wait for with ‘baited’ breath.

High school student Carlos Ordonez plan to work, sleep and study. [Photo: Mariah Hansen]

Denver Students Don’t Mind Missing Out on Fireworks this 4th of July
By Mariah Hansen

DENVER, Auraria Campus –The Fourth of July is only one week away, but not everyone has big plans for the national holiday.

“I was supposed to have that day off,” said Analissa Trejo. Trejo is a certified nursing assistant at a local nursing home, and has been for the past two years. She is also student at the Community College of Denver, studying to become a registered nurse (RN).

Trejo needs to work a minimum number of hours before she can become an RN, and she works a lot. Unfortunately, she has little say in her schedule, and when it was sent to her, she discovered that she would be working late, and doubts she will have time to meet up with anyone after her shift ends.

Another student has no plans, and doesn’t intend on making any. Carlos Ordonez is a high school student in the middle of a summer music program offered by Metropolitan State University. He is passionate about music, playing two instruments, but he doesn’t care much for holidays.

“I don’t celebrate many holidays,” Ordonez said. “I just like to work, sleep and study.” His plans for the upcoming holiday include sleeping in and then spending the rest of his day relaxing at home.

An unidentified Auraria student says she’ll spend the 4th with family. Photo: Jesus Hernandez Lozoya

Just A Normal 4th of July
By Jesus Hernandez Lozoya
DENVER, Auraria Campus – Most people on the Auraria campus will spend the Fourth of July with their family. Some might travel with family, others might barbecue with their folks, some might make homemade fireworks, and a few still don’t know. While on break from class, Auraria student Dom said he will be “barbecuing with his people” and shooting off fireworks.

Another student sitting on a bench listening to music said, she will spend it with her family too.

Two guys hanging out together, Billy and Mark, will spend it a bit differently. Billy said he will be “setting of oxygen helium balloons.” He described how it works by getting the oxygen from a welder, filling up the balloons with oxygen and helium, throwing them up in the air and shooting them with bottle rockets to set them off. Mark on the other hand will travel to Breckenridge and rent a house for the day.

Marine and MSU Denver student Mike Roach plans to run the Longmont 5k. [Photo: Eric Uran]

MSU Veterans have their Fourth of July plans in place and knowledge of the 2017 solar eclipse.
By Eric Uran
DENVER, Auraria Campus – United States veterans celebrate the Fourth of July in many ways. Many MSU Denver veterans plan to spend the day with family and friends barbecuing and enjoying the day.

Marine veteran Mike Roach is going to run the Longmont 5K race in the morning, then spend the rest of the day with his family as he recovers from the run, while barbecuing for everyone as they enjoy the day off.

One Navy veteran student has his Fourth of July plans locked in as well, and a wealth of information about the solar eclipse to happen on Aug. 21, 2017. He says that the full solar eclipse will be visible in Casper, Wyoming, and if the conditions are right, you can see what is known as shadow snakes. Roach says he’s excited about the July Fourth solar eclipse.

More information about the shadow can been found on the YouTube channel: SmarterEveryday.

MSU Denver student Brandi R. plans to squeeze in 18 holes at the links. [Photo: Sean Linton and Jordan Benschop]

Members of Auraria campus show diversity in Fourth of July plans
By Jordan Benschop and Sean Linton
DENVER — Fireworks and barbecues are the usual benchmarks for Fourth of July celebrations, but for two Auraria campus constituents, this is not always the case.

Brandi R., a Metro State accounting major, expressed animosity toward firework shows. Being a military veteran, she recalls dreadful memories of her deployment in Afghanistan, where her squad stumbled upon an IED explosive.

The bomb resulted in 37 surgeries and six months of hospitalization for Brandi, triggering a serious case of PTSD, which she says keeps her far away from intense firework celebrations. Instead, she plans to spend the holiday enjoying a relaxing evening with friends on the Arrowhead golf course, located in Littleton, Colorado. Golfing has always been a passion for Brandi. Last week, she says she was on the course six out of seven week days.

Stan “The Pie Man” will be serving his signature pastries at the Broomfield Commons Fire Works show. [Photo: Sean Linton and Jordan Benschop]

For iPie employee Stan “the Pie Man,” the Fourth of July is centered around profit for iPie’s infamous food truck, which will be located at the Broomfield Common’s annual firework show. Stan remarked on the extensive business the food truck plans to make, expressing content in his decisions to work through the holiday.

Stan also commented on the origins of iPie, saying the company’s founder, referred to as “Katie Pie,” started the journey on a campus food truck in 2010. The company plans to continue keeping this legacy alive.

Needless to say, Fourth of July celebrations are not all typical barbecues and fireworks. No matter what your plans are for the holiday, enjoy your time off and stay safe.

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