Students on Auraria gather to socialize and play


Posted Fri, Mar 10, 2017

LETTIN’ IT RIP: Volleyball is just one of many pop-up events sponsored by Element, Aurora’s social group that promotes campus fellowship. [Photo: David Schaut]

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Students socialized and played volleyball at Lawrence Park on March 9, in an event put on by Element to promote campus fellowship and relationship building.

Element is a social group on the Auraria campus that tries to transcend the commuter nature of the three schools on campus. Student Director James Weiner wants to enable students to get to know each other better.

“Our main goal is really to just try and get students connected while doing something fun on campus,” Weiner said. “We try to promote socialization, networking and just having a good time out here.”

MSU Denver senior Austin Cagaanan has been to multiple events put on by Element. The most memorable experience for him was a concert last year where students were taught how to breakdance.

“We had a concert last year where we brought out a DJ, we had breakdancers,” Cagaanan said. “The breakdancers were out there to teach and get people involved.”

The volleyball event was one of many smaller events that Weiner calls pop-up events.

“We do a lot of just pop-up events that are open to anyone coming here to campus,” he said.

Participating is a very informal process. Weiner said that anyone on campus is welcome to join any event that they are putting on, no registration or prior notice required.

Interested parties can learn more about Element and hear about upcoming events by following the group’s Facebook page at:


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  1. Albert Underwood Says:

    I like to read your stories. I learn something new every time I read them. It maybe something small I miss in my own piece, but like I said after reading your piece I find something new to look for out in my own events.


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