iPad: Same Apple in a different package?


Posted Tue, Mar 23, 2010

The iPad, in a nutshell, is Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ creation of a tablet computer, but some people are skeptical that the iPad is not as big a deal as Apple would have liked it to be.

“I think it’s long overdue, over-priced and under-functional,” said Metro State senior Clay White. “It’s an Apple, so of course it’s expensive, ($499 to $699) most computer manufacturers have come out with tablets at least five years or so ago, and it’s basically an iTouch, but bigger. If you want to type like a keyboard, you need two of them.”

White, a Mac owner, agrees that Apple products are good, but are taking advantage of customers [price-wise] because “they can get away with it.”

It appears that the Apple iPad is too much like other Apple products, not necessarily a bad product, but nothing excitingly new. Perhaps Apple has set the bar too high.

“I have an iPhone and it’s the same thing. So, if I didn’t have an iPhone, I might want [an iPad],” said Metro State student Wes Bertron. “If you’re thinking about getting one, you might want to consider getting a laptop instead.”

According to an infosyncworld.com article about the iPad, Jobs’ reason for the existence of the new product is to be superior to smartphones and laptops when it comes to: browsing [internet], email, photos, video and music, games and eBooks and newspapers. Most college students are still skeptical.

A random survey of 50 college students around the Auraria campus shows that most students have heard of the iPad, but are more content with using laptops or, in some cases, their iPhones.

“It’s basically an iPhone if you get the service with it,” said White, “the only advantage is a bigger screen.”

Bertron, an iPhone owner, agrees that the iPad is very similar, “again, they are basically the same product, I just have to zoom in and out of Web sites because the [iPhone] screen is smaller, but I don’t have a problem with that, it’s something you get used to. Plus, I can carry the iPhone in my pocket.”

It may take a few upgrades and newer technology for the iPad to become a hit, especially for college students, but Apple products are still on the rise.

For now, laptops and iPhones are packing more of a punch for college students, but perhaps the iPad will be the next “must-have” technology.

4 Responses to “iPad: Same Apple in a different package?”

  1. Jim Stevens Says:

    As a published author, editor and artist, my comments are based on my professional literary and journalistic experience.

    Well documented article, with well woven and pertinent interview quotations. Second paragraph could be tightened, but overall, well done. Would have liked more informational spark in the narrative, but essentially well written.


  2. hissy Says:

    Bought mine, was #19 in line on Saturday. I’m not the ideal iPad owner because I definitely don’t need one (single w/two Mac laptops, an iMac, iPhone, and iPod). But I do think many others will soon see that it’s so much more than an oversized iPod touch, as the author surmised. It might take some time…and in that time prices will drop, households w/multiple family members will probably own several to take from room to room as they read books/magazines, play games, listen to music, watch movies, etc., and…well, we’ll just have to see!


  3. Katie A. Says:

    Would have liked to see more information on the difference between the ipad and iphone, since that seemed to be the main argument. Well written, and great use of quotes and outside information.


  4. J. Williams Says:

    Nice article Justin, makes me want an apple product even less! =p


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