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Posted Fri, Mar 10, 2017

JUMP TO IT: Element social club’s volley ballers compete at Lawrence Street Park promoting fun and comradery between the three campus institutions.  [Photo: N. Leticia Anaya]

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Element social club organized a volleyball game in Lawrence Street Park, for students to socialize and have fun, Thursday afternoon.

Despite the wind, Element recruited around 11 students from the three Auraria Campus schools, Community College of Denver, University of Colorado in Denver and Metro State University of Denver for a friendly game of volleyball. They set up a net and began to play with no rules, uniforms or coaching.

Element has four employees, who organize and promote all events, including concerts, Frisbee Golf and board games.

Element Student Director James Weiner explained that Element is an MSU Denver Social Club, but it is open to anyone on campus who wants to join.

They don’t have to be a member to participate in their different activities, to socialize and feel included in a campus that people come and go.

Element’s main goal is trying to get students connected while doing something fun on campus, Weiner said. “Promote socialization, networking and having a good time here.”

Volleyball is one of their outdoor activities along with soccer and flying disc. During cold weather, they organize indoor games.

“Our funding comes through the Metro State Activities budget, which is primarily student’s fees,” Weiner said. “We have to apply for those funds, we are part of the student’s activity office when we got to apply. Yeah, you have to apply for funds.”

Hannah Ho is a Political Science and Communications student at MSU Denver, who joined the club last week.

“I’m not the hugest fan of sports, so it’s making me open up to all these kinds of sports, it’s really interesting,” Ho said. “I’m definitely getting more active, for sure!”

Future activities are posted on their Facebook page:


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