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Posted Sat, Dec 24, 2016

My Grandmother in sunny Colorado. [Photo: Victoria Toutant]

My Grandmother, Frances H. Toutant, in sunny Colorado.
[Photo: Victoria Toutant]

BIRMINGHAM, Mich.- My Grandmother, Frances H. Toutant, 85, of Birmingham, Michigan, formerly of Royal Oak, died Feb. 27, 2008 at the Green Field Nursing Center, and is buried honorably in a military cemetery in Michigan.

Grandmother was the beloved wife of the late Laurence Toutant Jr. whom she married on Feb. 25, 1952. She was a loving mother of Dana L. Toutant of Birmingham and Darrell J. Toutant (Judit) of Denver and proud grandmother of myself, Victoria Toutant.

Grandmother was born in Shelby, Ohio on Aug. 14, 1922. The second oldest of six children, she served in the U.S. Army during the World War II as a nurse’s aide and as a staff sergeant in 1952. Grandmother spent more than 70 plus years living in the Detroit Metro-Area. She was an avid bowler and bowled in a league for more than 45 years.

As very outgoing person, Grandmother loved to try new things, and enjoyed being around young people. She loved adventures. One day when Grandmother visited me in Colorado, she went sledding with her in a foot-deep snow. She fell out of the sled landed in the deep snow — she thought this was one of her favorite moments.

My Grandmother, Frances H. Toutant, on her way to visit family. [Photo: Victoria Toutant]

My Grandmother, Frances H. Toutant, on her way to visit family. [Photo: Victoria Toutant]

Grandmother enjoyed taking care of her family and home and visiting me in Colorado. She was a stay at home mom, who loved to cook and tried new recipes. Grandmother always cared about her neighborhood and about her neighbors. She was very sociable and wanted to talk to everyone. She enjoyed taking long walks in the beautiful city of Birmingham and walked everywhere since she couldn’t drive.

“Just be yourself,” is one of my Grandmother’s famous quotes, “don’t try to live like others.”

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