Get Lost at Fritzler Corn Maze — If You Dare


Posted Thu, Oct 22, 2015

Sunset over the corn maze. [Photo: Kavann Tok]

FRIGHT NIGHT: Sunset over Fritzler’s Corn Maze. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

LA SALLE, Colo. — With Halloween right around the corner, many courageous Coloradans are venturing out in search of haunted chills and thrills.

Those ready to endure such frights might enjoy the desolate countryside for a “farm-tastic” adventure at Fritzler Corn Maze, 20861 Co Rd 33.

Now in their 16th season, they open their gates once again with the promise of invoking such fears within their visitors.

During the Day

The corn maze is family-friendly, encouraging a sense of togetherness for people of all ages through fun-filled entertainment. Country music fills the air from outdoor speakers implemented throughout the farm. You’ll see grown adults and children alike bouncing around laughing on the gigantic “Jumping Pillow.”

Bird-Eye's View from Slide Mountain [Photo_ Duane Hirschfeld]

FAMILY FUN: Bird-Eye’s View from Slide Mountain. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

You can enjoy a view of the whole farm from atop “Slide Mountain,” join spectators at the “Pig Races” or even shoot targets with the “Pumpkin Cannons.” With over 20 maze attractions including two corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, food court, beverage garden and more, there are countless activities to keep the entire family entertained for hours.

During the Night

Once the sun goes down, the FX lighting turns on and country music is replaced with dubstep. The corn maze is resurrected into a garden of ghosts and ghouls, one of the main attractions being “Scream Acres.” As if being lost in a maze with creepy characters leaping out at you from the corn stocks isn’t frightening enough, the best is yet to come.

The Fritzler Corn Maze website describes “Phase 1 of the maze is never haunted, even after dark, but the Ghost Haunt, Phase 2 and Scream Acres are…well, another story. Beware, for lurking in the darkness is a haunt that’s sure to leave you and your friends scared and running for your life! Scream Acres is filled with special effects, mechanical engineering, and eerie sound technology.”

Corn Maze Dweller at Scream Acres [Photo_ Duane Hirschfeld]

PEEK-A-BOO: Scream Acres Corn Maze Dweller. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

Another popular attraction is “Alcorntraz,” a bus ride through sections of cornfields infested with zombies. Passengers are equipped with paintball guns and must defend the bus from invading zombies.

“Zombie Paintball and Scream Acres are our two best haunted attractions that college students would be interested in,” says owner/operator for 16 years, Glen Fritzler. “The Zombie Paintball is a lot of fun. That is where you go into the cornfield and you shoot zombies with paintballs.”

The Fritzler Family

Every year, about 30,000 visitors roam the grounds, contributing to the success of Fritzler farm. One would have to ask how it all got started.

“We were going broke, basically, and we needed to diversify,” Fritzler explains. “This opportunity was presented to me, and it sounded crazy enough that it maybe would work. During off-season, we work on figuring out the new design. We go to conferences, both the maze conference and the haunted conference, to try and figure out what’s the new ideas and what we want to implement this year.”

ALL IN THE FAMILY: (From Left to Right) Glen Fritzler, Trevor Fritzler and JD Klein [Photo_ Duane Hirschfeld]

ALL IN THE FAMILY: (From Left to Right) Glen Fritzler, Trevor Fritzler and JD Klein. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

Trevor Fritzler, Glen’s son, grew up on Fritzler farm and has been working there for as far back as he can remember.

“I remember when this was actually a field,” Trevor Fritzler recalls, “and we used to plant crops here instead of having the maze so I’ve been here forever. Scream Acres is my baby. I build all the haunted stuff. We have a team of people who fabricates everything and I make them come to life.”

Newest Attractions

The Fritzlers add something new every year to keep it exciting. This year, they welcome two new attractions – the “Beer Garden” and the “Escape Room.” JD Klein, Fritzler’s stepson, has been working at the farm for about 12 years, and he highly recommends “Beer Garden.” With a chuckle, Klein jokes that his official working title is Beer Representative, running the place along with Trevor Fritzler. While the garden carries domestic beers, they also serve local beers to support Colorado breweries.

Another new attraction not to be missed is the “Escape Room.”

Dwellers of Scream Acres [Photo_ Duane Hirschfeld]

MEET AND EAT: Scream Acres Maze Dwellers drop in for a bite. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

“The Escape Room is where you get locked inside of a room for the amount of time that you need to go find different clues, leading you up to a storyline that gets you out,” Trevor Fritzler explained. “One side would be family-friendly and the other one would be scary.”

The Fritzler family is keeping the American corn maze tradition alive, benefitting the community by bringing people together to enjoy good old-fashioned Halloween fun and mayhem.

If You Go:

What: Fritzler Corn Maze

Where: 20861 Co Rd 33, La Salle, CO

When: Sept. 19 – Oct. 31

Cost: Super Haunted Combo Ticket – $35

Parking: Free

For more information visit

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  1. Rocky Franklin Says:

    sounds like fun, especially paintballing zombies (though I would guess the zombies may get annoyed at you)


  2. Rocky Franklin Says:

    Sounds like fun, especially paintballing zombies (though I’m not sure the zombies would find it very amusing)


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