Blurryface Under the Blood Moon


Posted Sun, Oct 4, 2015


Twentyone Pilots brought their Alternative Hip-Hop and experimental rock to the Red Rocks Amphitheather’s sold-out crowd on Sept. 27th.

MORRISON, Colo. – Experimental rockers Twenty One Pilots, played to a sold out crowd of 9,500 people at Red Rocks Amphitheater under Sept. 27th’s super blood moon eclipse.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Tyler Joseph, and drummer, Josh Dun have explained that the color theme of their sophomore album, Vessels, is blue and the theme of their May 2015 album release, Blurryface is red.

The theme of the night took on the color red as the band performed between red rocks on a red-saturated stage set-up while the super blood moon mimicking the patterned circles on their Blurryface album cover.

Blurryface is a caricature coined by Joseph for his inner demon. Blurryface represents his doubts, insecurities and internal struggles, which play out directly in his art. He paints his neck and hands black, representing the vulnerability he feels about singing and what he creates with his hands.

“My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think,” Joseph sings on the single, “Stressed Out.” Fans in the crowd, who the band calls the Skeleton Clique, imitated Joseph’s look in the music video with red beanies and blacked out hands and necks to show their dedication.

Superfan Sarah Holle, a high school senior, waited in line for her fourth Twenty One Pilots show for 10 hours in high temperatures.

“Blurryface to me is kind of accepting your struggles, but not letting it define you. Because it’s not you, it’s still like someone else you battle with all the time,” Holle said.

Joseph and Dun never expected to play a venue as iconic as Red Rocks, let alone sell it out. He told the crowd that he and Dun laughed when the idea was first mentioned to them.

“I’ve had dreams where we go to play a show and nobody shows up,” said Joseph, looking out at the crowd.

Red Rocks is a very different venue than what the duo are used to. Notorious for dangerous stunts i.e., back-flips off the piano and climbing 100 feet over the stage, Twenty One Pilots use their surroundings to make each show unique.

One of Joseph and Dun’s signature performances includes setting up platforms held up by the crowd and having a drum off. Unfortunately due to the steps, this was not an option for this particular show, so fans had to wait to be surprised by Joseph. During “Holding On To You,” Joseph leaped off stage, running up the right side of the venue to crawl on a nearby rock formation, getting closer to the crowd.

During their final song, “Car Radio,” Joseph put on his ski mask and disappeared for a moment until a spotlight showed him on the left side of the stage on top of one of the towers, raising his fist.

“My favorite part of seeing Twenty One Pilots perform is the passion the two of them have,” said concertgoer Aimee Glunz.

From the opening song, “Heavydirtysoul,” to the final encore, “Trees,” Dun and Joseph gave the fans a heavy dose of energy and hope, nostalgia and surprise.

Playing all but three songs off the 14-track album Blurryface, transitioning from “House of Gold” to their iconic ukulele cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and a mash-up of oldie, “Addict With a Pen” and “Screen,” Twenty One Pilots’ set was intricate and energetic.

“You know, some people said that the world was going to end tonight. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I’d be OK with that,” said Joseph during their final song.

The Blurryface tour continues with Finish Ticket and Echosmith across North America through the end of October.

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7 Responses to “Blurryface Under the Blood Moon”

  1. Kyle Rickert Says:

    Great use of language and imagery, especially in the first few paragraphs. It made the story way more interesting and made me feel like I was there.


  2. Nicole Ault Says:

    I am a big fan of twenty-one pilots and unfortunately was unable to attend the show. Hearing a review as detailed as this was nice. I was able to picture some of the show in my head making me feel less upset for missing it.


  3. Conor Hatch Says:

    hi haley, i really enjoyed your article about 21 pilots, you described in detail what it was like to be there. My favorite part was your description of the stage, it looked really visually appeasing. The only things i would add are the time it started and ended, and maybe some more interviews including male subejects.


  4. Andrea Herrera Says:

    I enjoyed the article, it was very interesting and it kept my attention. I also felt as if I was there during the concert, crazy to think that the girl waited in line for ten hours. I really enjoyed the article and how it was set up. Haley did it in a very unique way almost making me feel as if she interviewed the singers Tyler and Josh


  5. Rachel Bruner Says:

    I like how you connected the blood moon to the concert: “The theme of the night took on the color red…” — very creative in describing the scene. It sounded like a pretty amazing show, especially with the coincidence of a blood moon on the night of their performance of a red themed album.

    I also liked how you incorporated pieces of what the artist said through the concert and on the album — it’s a nice tactic to add another voice to the article.


  6. Kavann Tok Says:

    I actually know of Twenty One Pilots so I think it’s really cool that you got to interview them and do a story on them. Through this article, I am able to view Twenty One Pilots on a human level (outside of the “Rockstar” image), and I find them very artistic and deep.


  7. Khaleel Herbert Says:

    I really liked the quotes you used, Haley. From the concertgoers to Joseph.
    They sound like an interesting band.

    I also liked the lead, saying that the concert was under the blood-red eclipse.

    Noticed one error: “During their the final song…”

    Awesome job!


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