A pirate’s life


Posted Fri, Oct 15, 2010

By Piper Perry

DENVER – Pirates pulled in and dropped anchor here in…Denver? Yes, they did. Just because Denver is a landlocked city doesn’t have pirates. On the contrary, there are several groups of pirates here, most notably the Colorado Rogues and Sunken Bones Society.

And the Sunken Bones Society, sponsor of the popular Buccaneer Bash, expanded that pirate-themed party into a pirate themed convention, BrethrenCon, one day before International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

 “We believe our aquatically challenged location to be an advantage. Why? It’s simple: neutral ground. You cannot get farther away from the ocean than Denver, Colorado! Being so far inland, Denver is the ideal location for pirate brethren from all Seven seas to come together on equal footing,” said Capt. Drake, otherwise known as Simon Page, the CEO of the Sunken Bones Society.

The Buccaneer Bash, which began as pirate-themed party by Colorado pirate enthusiasts, has raised thousands of dollars for maritime charities in past years, and this year their charity is the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. “We’re especially excited that this year, we will be focusing on contributions to the environmental cleanup of the Gulf Coast region from April’s oil disaster,” Page said.

BrethrenCon attendees gathered to learn, teach and share information on a wide variety of topics related to the Great Age of Piracy, from 1690 to 1725. The convention is expected to draw over 200 people for educational and informative panels, classes and discussions. Panels ranged from “Medicine and Health During the Golden Age of Piracy,” to “Period Pirate Games,” to “Zombie Self-Defense.”

There was also a reading by Terry Kroenung from his work “Brimstone and Lily,”billed as a wacky fantasy novel of the Civil War, and a panel on “Pirate Insults,” which utilized both the “you’re ugly, you’re stupid, you’re feet stink,” the classics, as well as some interesting pirate twists like comparing the insultee to a schoolgirl.

You didn’t have to be a hard-core pirate to enjoy BrethrenCon. There was something there to appeal to even the person with the most casual interest in piracy or the sea. Attractions included merchants selling costumes, swords, and jewelry; a delicious Caribbean feast, costume contests, the very popular Shanty Sing and nautical themed games including Liar’s Dice and the always popular Talk Like a Pirate Contest. During dinner, we were entertained by both traditional and modernized Celtic songs of Mondragon and Pandora Celtica. After dinner, the undead themed Buccaneer Bash featured the eerie pirate/gypsy/zombie folk airs of that deliciously devilish troupe of undead, The Widow’s Bane, as well as guest of honor pirate DJ Bilgemunky.

Anyone can be a pirate for one day. And during BrethrenCon, it was a pirate’s life for me.

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