About Scott Corbridge

Hey, my names Scott and I'm a big sports fan and an avid Broncos and Nuggets guy. I love the outdoors and writing on my own time. I hope that after college, I can become a sports journalist covering certain teams or sports; I want to write mainly like Woody Page, Mike Kliz, or Rick Riely.

Scott Corbridge's Stories

The Car Guys

November 23, 2012


NORTHGLENN, Colo. — American muscle, foreign power, tuner and exotics; no matter the type of car they can fix it. Northglenn Auto Repair, 11450 Huron St., isn’t your average auto shop, they give quality a number one priority. Mike Smart is the man for the job as he takes any job given to him and […]

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Just Like Mike

November 4, 2012


There is no greater feeling then going to a sporting event and seeing your favorite athletes and teams compete under the bright lights of the stadium. Experiencing the feeling of knowing that your team made the championship, and seeing them playing the game of their lives trying to achieve something that every athlete wants. I […]

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The Man of Steel

October 25, 2012


DENVER — Being able to work in the same field for over 40 years is an accomplishment that many believe to be difficult and quite incredible. Yet John Hap Travis managed to do just that and continues to contribute to the very company that he has worked so passionately for. Hap has been the plant […]

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NightRider gives lift to students after dark

October 7, 2012


DENVER, Auraria Campus–Cars can be a tricky thing, and it doesn’t always help when you have to drive home from school late at night, or you have to get a jump-start because your car won’t start. Just when you think you have no more options, there’s a service you can call that can get the […]

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Secrets to chicken success

September 11, 2012


BRIGHTON, Colo. — They didn’t invent the chicken — just the chicken sandwich. From a small eatery, to a multi-billion dollar food chain, Chick-Fil-A has made its chicken sandwich to be as well known as the Big Mac — if not bigger. Ever since Chick-Fil-A’s founder S. Truett Cathy opened the restaurant’s doors in 1967, […]

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