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That feisty, Italian woman they had the chance to know

December 17, 2015

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Pauline Zehmisch loved her coffee scalding hot. She’d holler at restaurant servers, claiming the cup was too cold when it’d be served to her at a perfectly drinkable temperature. She was the type of woman to yell at family members, call them stupid for a wrong decision and then take them out […]

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Meet Chuck Hinshaw: One of MSU Denver’s first, and current students

October 13, 2015


DENVER, Auraria Campus — As the saying goes, “It’s never too late.” It’s never too late to switch careers, to go back to school. Chuck Hinshaw, one of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s first students, is a prime example. Among the 20,000 MSU Denver students roaming the Auraria campus, Hinshaw may not be a familiar […]

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Metropolitan State University of Denver celebrated 50 years with “Welcome Back” address

September 23, 2015


DENVER, Auraria Campus — Like a scene from an idyllic movie, a cloudless and sunny bright blue sky suited the smiling faces awaited for Metropolitan State University of Denver President Stephen Jordan’s 10th annual “Welcome Back Address.” By 8 a.m., nearly 350 people gathered. A spunky, short-haired woman sat at the south end of the […]

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