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“Check Please!”

November 28, 2011


DENVER — By day, she is a Metro State nursing student. By night, Lilia Chavez, works for tips as a server and a To-Go Specialist at Chili’s Grill and Bar. Chavez, a sophomore, has worked at Chili’s for three years, and like many other Metro students, her job is a necessary component for her education. […]

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Obama’s loan plan hits close to home

November 3, 2011


DENVER — For some, it was an inspiration; for others, an opportunity. For the future of Metro State students, last week’s presidential visit was groundbreaking. “I thought Obama was a remarkable speaker,” said Metro State graduate, Devan Krey. “He seemed very relaxed, very confident, and above all very personable. It was evident that he really […]

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A picture of the 99 percent

October 24, 2011


DENVER — With a blue-collar job as a truck driver, and an online bachelor’s degree in progress, Justin Myer, 36, is a perfect example of the Occupy Together movement’s “99 percent. Myer came across the Occupy Denver movement while passing through town on a job. After being laid off twice in the past year, the […]

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Denver citizens join in national protest

October 6, 2011


DENVER — On Sept. 17, the activist group Occupy Wall Street began their protest of the American financial and governmental system in New York City. As the protest gained momentum and scope, it took on the name Occupy Together, and spread outside of Manhattan to other metropolitan areas, such as Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. […]

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Rockies fans show support and disappointment

September 22, 2011


The Colorado Rockies
played their last two home games of the season this week against the San Diego
Padres. They lost both games, bringing a disappointing end to this year’s stint
at Coors Field.

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