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Melanie Townsend is a Denver-area freelance writer and broadcast journalist.

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Hide Your Keys, Hide Your Bike

February 7, 2015


Crimes of Opportunity at Auraria DENVER, Auraria Campus — The last couple of days before finals week, and the end of the semester, is a stressful time for all students, and it doesn’t help when their stuff is stolen. The most reoccurring crimes seen on Auraria campus are crimes of theft or opportunity according to the […]

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More Than Just A Film: The Good Lie’s deeper meaning behind the silver screen

October 28, 2014


DENVER—When people hear the term ‘Lost Boys’ they may think of the adventurous children’s tale of Peter Pan and his band of misfits that live happily in a land where they never grow up. If only this were true for the real Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan: children that are displaced from their homes […]

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Africa at Auraria

September 16, 2014


DENVER— Schools on Auraria Campus, such as Metropolitan State University of Denver, are all eclectic institutions, rich in diversity and ethnic backgrounds. Yet, how often do these people actually get together to discuss and celebrate their cultural foundations; how many actually know about where they come from? The African Students Union attempts to address such […]

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