About Maureen Bayne

Maureen Bayne grew up in the small town Aztec, New Mexico. Later, she moved to Bakersfield, CA, where she graduated from Bakersfield High School. After attending Colorado State University for two years, she moved to Berkeley, CA, where she studied art at Berkeley Community College. She is currently living in Westminster, CO and is seeking a degree in magazine journalism at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Maureen Bayne's Stories

New study shows global temperature highest in 1,400 years

April 28, 2013


DENVER— According to a study released by an international compilation of climatologists on www.nature.com, from 1971-2000 average global temperatures peaked higher than they have in almost 1,400 years. With summer in sight, this means a whole new set of problems—drought, heat exhaustion and crop shortages. It could even mean devastating climate changes that could negatively […]

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“Shaking the Habitual” drops, and the experiment begins

April 18, 2013


On April 5, 2013 the Swedish electronic brother/sister duo, The Knife, finally released a new album, “Shaking the Habitual.” Fans have been waiting for seven years for Karin Dreijer Anderson—who has been working solo as Fever Ray— and Olof Dreijer to come back as the experimental, dark, trip-hop band, The Knife. After such a long […]

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Advice from a cancer survivor and MSUD professor

April 2, 2013


DENVER, Auraria Campus — Dr. Ana-Marie Medina, a Spanish professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, wiped gushing tears from her cheek, sighed and laughed. “There have always been things that are very hard, but I feel like I’m so very happy, because they are the things that are the most gratifying in the end.” […]

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CU Boulder professor visits Metro, discusses the roles of authority

March 12, 2013


DENVER—In all aspects of life, authority dominates. In Syria, a gruesome civil war has ignited an internal chaos beyond recognition. Tensions between Israel and Palestine linger like an unanswerable question. North Korea rebels against the world with the most destructive weapon of war ever known. The U.S. military has the power to execute American citizens […]

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XL pipe with XL problems

February 28, 2013


Thousands of people rallied in Washington, D.C, on Feb. 7, forming the largest climate-related protest in American history. The event, which was organized by 350.org and the Sierra Club, was held because of the Keystone XL pipeline, a proposed $7 billion pipeline that will extend across the boarder from Canada into the U.S. It will […]

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Planet of the drones: a new technology finds its way to MSUD

February 7, 2013


DENVER — The Aerospace department at Metropolitan State University of Denver is planning to implement a new and developing technology into its curriculum: drones. “We’re working really hard on it,” said Jeffrey Forrest, department Chair of Aerospace Science at MSUD. “There are a couple of drafts put together of what the coursework might look like. […]

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