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Luke Whittaker is a Denver-area freelance writer.

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Flood Cars Wash Up In Local Lots

November 5, 2013


Flood Cars Wash Up In Local Lots

DENVER–It’s been nearly seven weeks since floodwaters ravaged parts of Boulder and the Front Range, but lingering effects are showing up in local used-car lots. “They’re like zombie cars–dead and risen again, said Eugene Koev, a car mechanic  for Infiniti in Denver. From a distance they may look OK, but with these cars it’s the […]

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Along for the ride

September 14, 2013


DENVER — It was a little past 7 p.m. when I hopped off the light rail at the Federal Center Station destined for my car in the adjacent lot. I hesitated crossing the road as a bus lumbered into the lot before coming to a stop swinging open the doors in front of me. “It’ll […]

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