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Enter The Rolling Lady Nuggets

May 15, 2011


LAKEWOOD, Colo: – The sounds of dribbling basketballs and the voices of women yelling, “ball, ball ball!” And then, “shot!,” ring out through the gym. Instead of the accompanying squeak of sneakers on the courts, the smell of burning rubber permeates the air as the players glide swiftly across the court in wheelchairs. It’s the […]

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Denver’s most prominent chef

March 29, 2011


DENVER — With his broad shoulders, curly white hair, his fingers crested with expensive-looking golden rings, Pete Contos is hard to miss. When he walks into his own restaurant on East Colfax Avenue. people notice. He seems to know everyone. Contos stops by the bustling countertop, touches shoulders, shakes hands, in a nearby booth a […]

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Sunshine melts snow, jobs

March 8, 2011


  Warmer weather is expected to return to the Denver area, with temperatures forecast to come back up to near 56 degrees by Sunday afternoon according to the National Weather Service. This is welcome news to most after two weeks of cold temperatures that dipped below zero during the day in places that left the […]

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