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Jessica Culey is a Denver-area freelance writer.

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How to Tip Your Server

November 14, 2013


ARVADA, Colo.-Eating out is a tradition most people all over the world enjoy.  We go out to eat to celebrate special occasions, catch up with family and friends and to just eat a good meal. The average American eats out four to five times a week.  Restaurants can be costly especially when you have to […]

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Struggle for Senior Citizens

October 31, 2013


DENVER-Citizens work every day in hopes of retiring and spending their “golden years” traveling or relaxing. In today’s society senior citizens are struggling to get by, and have to work as they get older.  Many seniors are having a tough time living comfortably and freely as they age. Most people have the belief that when […]

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Stop Arvada Wal-Mart

September 18, 2013

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ARVADA, Colo. — The people of Arvada have been petitioning the opening of a Wal-Mart for months without much success. The city of Arvada decided they wanted to open a Wal-Mart in the Arvada Plaza close to Old Town Arvada, but many residents felt it would destroy that area.  Although the plaza area is worn down […]

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