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Cherise Scrivner is a Denver-area freelance writer. She is also the Managing Editor of CMAN (Colorado Martial Arts News)

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Casting a delectable spell

February 10, 2014


DENVER- There must be Voodoo magic in the doughnuts they bake. Once you taste them, your taste buds are trapped, and all you think about is how you want more. Enter Voodoo Doughnut, 1520 E Colfax Ave., serving fresh, yummy, gooey doughnuts made by artistic and creative personalities, ready to challenge the limits of doughnutdom. The unique […]

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An Un-Documented Artist Activist

December 11, 2013

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DENVER — Alonso Munoz is an un-documented citizen, a Mexican indigenous, who dedicates his life to changing the world with art. His greatest aspiration besides self success is showing America the positive attributes and aspirations that the indigenous Mexican people offer our country. “I have indulged in the reciprocity change for survival from a Mexican/Indigenous […]

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Taekwondo at Auraria Campus

November 19, 2013


DENVER, Auraria campus —  Nearly 50 years ago, Taekwondo- a form of Martial Arts, grappled its way onto the Auraria campus. Master of Taekwondo, Bill Pottle, a 6th Dan black belt, has dedicated his life to teaching others the gift of self-defense on Auraria for 10 years. Auraria campus provides students with the opportunity to […]

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Baseball Was My Life

October 31, 2013


A conversation with Ockavia ‘Keve’ Brockington FIELD OF DREAMS — He’s hit numerous home runs, and caught hundreds of fly balls. He has even made money while doing so, but now, he finds himself emerged back in the school books, in honor and tribute to his loving and inspiring father. At a young age, Ockavia […]

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Coffee to the solar beam extreme

October 3, 2013


DENVER — Coffee devotes and roasters understand the importance of a perfect roast. Some roasters do it for money. Then there are those who do it for passion. Owner Nathan Stern, 26, and owner operator Chris Bass, 25, of Solar Roast on the Road, say they are dedicated to serving gourmet espresso in an environmentally […]

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No one is too small to change the world

October 2, 2013


“No one is too small to change the world.” DENVER — Kalyn Heffernan had just rolled off the plane. One of her greatest life desires was becoming a reality as a glistening smooth black Bentley eased up and stopped in front of her. Excitement fulfilled her. A chauffeur exited the front passenger door and walked […]

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Helmets Save Lives…Remember to wear yours. Luck is a miracle!

November 17, 2011


• About two million head injuries of all types (including skull and facial fractures) occur each year in the U. S.
• Over 1.5 million Americans suffer nonfatal traumatic brain injuries each year which do not require hospitalization. About the same number are reported to sustain a brain injury resulting in a loss of consciousness but not severe enough to result in long-term institutionalization.
• 300,000 individuals suffer brain injuries severe enough to require hospitalization, with 99,000 resulting in a lasting disability.
• 56,000 people die each year as a result of traumatic brain injury.
• Traumatic brain injuries account for an estimated 34% of all injury deaths in the United States.

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Journey down the Rockies

November 8, 2011


GLENWOOD, SPRINGS, Colo. — It was a gorgeous morning! The sun was shining brightly and the clouds were moving with grace across the sky. The cool light breeze was refreshing as we sat there by the camp fire preparing sausage breakfast sandwiches and sipping delicious hazelnut fire brewed coffee. It was our first day waking […]

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