About Ashley Hattle

Ashley Hattle is a senior at Metropolitan State University (MSU). In high school, Hattle worked for the school newspaper, The Blazer, as the Executive Photo Editor and Lifestyles Editor. After high school she pursued a career in photography and attended the Art Institute of Colorado. After the Art Institute she quickly began working for a photography company in Denver. Through working as a photographer in Denver she re-found her love of journalism and has been a magazine journalism major at MSU since 2010. Hattle hopes to work as a journalist and photographer after graduation in May 2014.

Ashley Hattle's Stories

Protect Your Drink, Protect Yourself

March 17, 2013


DENVER–A night on the town can quickly turn into a nightmare for men and women, when their drinks are left unattended. We quickly forget how easy it is for a predator to slip a “date rape” drug into a cocktail. You may lose yourself in a good song and leave your drink unattended to go […]

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Free Birthday Fun for all Ages

February 28, 2013


DENVER- As we get older birthdays become less of something to celebrate and more of something to dread. After a while lower insurance premiums are the most exciting thing to look forward to. However, Denver runs rampant with birthday specials that may leave most counting down the days until their next birthday. From free drinks […]

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The Life-long Price of a Student Credit Card

February 10, 2013


DENVER — When credit cards first arrived, it was difficult for college students to obtain one. Parents would have to apply several times to finally be approved, and the bank would only approve applicants they felt had the means to pay them back. Nowadays getting a credit card is very different. Students graduating from high […]

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