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I have lived in Colorado for most of my life, and love living here. I'm a student at Metro working toward my degree in Creative Writing, with a minor in journalism.

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My unforgettable pancake cookies

January 31, 2013

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I have always had a thing for baking, even when I was a little girl. When I was just at the age of three, my mom started to let me help her bake. We would make cookies, cakes, and other things of that matter. When I was a little older we started baking on Saturday […]

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Bullying way too young

November 25, 2012


Bullying is taking over America these days. The problem is bullying is starting younger and younger in children, and even more alarming, is most of it takes place in schools. Stanford University School of Medicine reported: Nine out of 10 kids in elementary school will be bullied. And six out of 10 kids will bully […]

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Singing for success

October 23, 2012


“Vee-e-e-e, veh-eh-eh-eh, vah-ah-ah-ah-ah,” is being sung upon walking into the Derr Voice Studio, Centennial, Colo. Singers use this and many other warm ups, to get their vocal chords exercised and ready to sing their songs. As the lesson moves on music from Broadway, pop hits and lullabies are all being sung, and practiced on. All […]

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Small town elections bring big lies

September 23, 2012


LITTLETON, Colo. – Elections are coming Nov. 6, – the day we exercise our civic duties and elect the officials we would like to see running our country, state, county and city. Almost everyone who owns a TV, or has logged onto the internet has seen the campaign ads between President Barack Obama and Mitt […]

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Arc is here to save the day

September 11, 2012

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DENVER — With a recession in our midst, we are finding any way to get the most bang for our buck. How do we do that though? Well of course we shop at thrift stores, Arc Thrift Stores to be specific. Arc Thrift Stores are a non- profit organization based in Colorado. Why not shop […]

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