About Antoinette Brown

Antoinette Brown is a young woman that has a passion for writing. She enjoys the idea of sharing her thoughts with the world. Ever since Antoinette was a little girl words intrigued her, and she grew to love how words could be so powerful on paper. At the age of 8 Antoinette grew to love the local newspaper, she would cut out pictures to articles and then make up her own stories. Her family started to hide the paper so they could see the pictures to articles before Antoinette could get her hands on it. As a teenager Antoinette’s passion for writing grew and by the time she was 16 years old she started to think about writing for a career and began to pursue journalism. She began to write stories and features in a journal because writing brought her pleasure. When Antoinette was 16 years old her grandmother passed away and Antoinette found that her grandmother was also a writer but never pursued a writing career. That was Antoinette motivation to become a writer In May of 2012 Antoinette graduated from the Community College of Denver with an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Journalism. Coming from a big family and becoming the first to graduate from college. Antoinette is determined for greatness and her biggest goal is to one day become a Pulitzer Prize winner and columnist for the New York Times.

Antoinette Brown's Stories

Glamour girl

October 11, 2012


Make up tips and instructions to achieve a celebrity look Many women look at celebrities and wonder how to achieve a glarmourious look. Mame Gawande, a make-up artist at Estee Lauder in the Cherry Creek Mall, explains how colors are essential. “When applying your make up you want to make sure that your lips are […]

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’Till death do us part: The rules to dating online

September 22, 2012


’Till death do us part: The rules to dating online

WORLD WIDE WEB — Many people are in the search for that special someone, and more people are considering online dating. But once someone gets this far and starts an account on a dating website, many people may ask what are the rules to online dating? Online dating may be very pleasant, but it can […]

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