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Posted Tue, Nov 12, 2013

Forrest Carpenter pitching for the Santa Fe Fuego [Photo Courtesy of Debbie Carpenter]

Forrest Carpenter pitching for the Santa Fe Fuego. [Photo Courtesy of Debbie Carpenter]

SANTA FE, N.M. — Every young baseball player has one dream; to play professionally. Forrest Carpenter is living that dream. He graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in the spring of 2013 and shortly afterward he had been given his opportunity. He was playing in the Mile High Collegiate Baseball League when his coach, Kent Gregory was able to get a manager to come take a look.

“He knew a manager who was in need of relief pitching and had just released seven pitchers,” said Carpenter.  “He was looking for a lefty, and instead of just giving me a tryout before a game and letting me know later, he decided to throw me in a game and let me sink or swim. I did well, he released the two relievers I was competing with and on I went.”

Carpenter was offered a position on the Santa Fe Fuego located in Santa Fe which is part of the growing Pecos League out of New Mexico. He has also already signed his contract for the upcoming 2014 season.

Even though his future is looking bright, he has not forgotten who has inspired and pushed him to where he is now. Nick Hammett is going into his junior year at MSU Denver and played with Forrest in his last two years on the team. Not only do they share the same position as pitchers on the team, but they also share that competitive edge to motivate each other every day.

“Nick Hammett,” said Carpenter. “Even as a freshman who knew nothing about college baseball, pushed me to be my best. He was always trying to get better, and as a redshirt junior, I realized that I could push myself to not only be a better athlete, but also a better role model.”

As for these two friends and teammates, the feelings are mutual.

Forrest Carpenter Pitching for Metro State in the Spring of 2013 Photo Courtesy of Metro State Athletics

Forrest Carpenter pitching for Metro State in the Spring of 2013. [Photo Courtesy of Metro State Athletics]

“From the first day I came to Metro Forrest always stood out as a leader for our team and a guy who came to the field   everyday with the drive to make himself and the team better,” said Hammett. “He always worked the hardest in the weight room and I think it rubbed off on everyone else, especially me.”

The league that Forrest is playing in is known as an independent league, but there is still a chance that he could get called up to an affiliated team and move on. And with the work ethic he has shown throughout his life, it seems to be only a short distance away.

“He is one of the best guys I have been around and after spending two years with him on and off the baseball field, I have realized how dedicated he is and how motivated he is to accomplishing his goals,” said Hammett.

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  1. Luke Whittaker Says:

    Last season the Rockies went 74-88, finished last in the division. The could use some help–sign him up!


  2. Keve Brockington Says:

    I agree with Luke. It would be nice to have a quality arm in the Rockies rotation that is used to pitching in our Colorado environment. I am interested to see how Forest Carpenter’s career develops.


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