Metro Softball Shuts out Mines 10-1


Posted Tue, May 4, 2010

GOLDEN, Colo.- The Metropolitan State College of Denver’s woman’s softball team met the Colorado School of Mines on April 2. The two teams battled windy conditions for the two hours as Metro ultimately triumphed as they defeated Mines 10-1.

Metro’s Roadrunners opened the game by  scoring one run in the first inning. Mines Orediggers did not get any runs in the first .

During the top of the second inning Metro got two girls on base, but made no runs. Lauren Hainlen, number 12, was walked by the Mines pitcher. Molly Clark, number 21, made it to first base after hitting a single.

 The bottom of the second inning proved disappointing for the Colorado School of Mines, as they only had one girl on base. Lauren Aberle, number two, was the sole player to get on base for the Orediggers in the second inning.

Metro played a great third inning, gaining four runs. Kellie Nishikida, number three, got on base after hitting a single. Sarah Rusch, number 11, was walked by the pitcher. Tara Mickelson, number seven, was next at bat hitting a double.

Next at bat was number 19, Jessica Haab, who also hit a double. Nishikida, Rusch, Mickelson and Haab, each scored runs during the third inning.

Though Mines got three hits during their turn at bat in the third inning, only one girl made it on base. Roadrunner’s pitcher Christie Robinson struck out Macy Jones. Kaleigh Starr and Allysia Cisneros each hit the ball, but were forced out at first base.  The only girl to make it on base for Mines was number 18, Sarah Lustgraaf.

Metro did not gain anymore runs during the fourth inning, and Mines snagged their sole run of the game during their turn at bat. Sarah Van Lingen, of Mines, was the girl to make the team’s only run.

During the top of the fifth inning Metro clenched their win over the School of Mines. Tara Mickelson sealed their victory when, with bases loaded, she hit her second double of the day. In all, she went 3-for-4 at bat with five RBI’s.

The fifth inning ended with Roadrunners ahead of the Orediggersd by nine runs. Because of the run rule in women’s softball, this also ended the game.

So far Metro has a 24-3 record for the 2010 season. Metro’s next games are against UC-Colorado Springs. The first game is Saturday at noon on the Auraria Campus Field.

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