Castle Rock City Council Objects House Bill 1224


Posted Sat, Mar 9, 2013

House Bill 1224, didn't make City Councli's day. [Photo by Emily Pennetti]

House Bill 1224, didn’t make City Councli’s day. [Photo by Emily Pennetti]

CASTLE ROCK, Colo.– Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue brought up objections to House Bill 1224 at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. The council members voted 6-0 to send a resolution to the State Senate, and a letter to the Governor objecting to the bill.

“I would like to direct our town attorney to create a resolution that town council could get behind in number one, on the Constitution, number two, in support of our Second Amendment rights,” Donahue said.

“There are times that I feel that it is important that the members and residents of this community have the opportunity to defend themselves,” he added, “and that that right to defend themselves is not infringed upon by the State Legislature.

The House Bill 1224 “prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of an ammunition feeding device that is capable of accepting, or that can be readily converted to accept, more than 10 round of ammunition or more than 5 shotgun shells (large-capacity magazine). The bill passed through the Colorado House of Representatives with a majority-wins verdict and will now be pushed on to the Colorado State Senate.

“If my wife would like to have more than 30 bullets in a magazine to protect herself and my family, I think that she deserves to have that,” Donahue said.

Councilman Joe Procopio said, “I whole heartedly support what you’re doing, and what you’re asking to be done.”

Another large opponent of this bill is a company called Magpul. They design and manufacture polymer firearms accessories and concept firearms (high capacity magazines). Based in Erie, Colo. Magpul is one of the leading gun accessory manufacturers in the nation.

Founder and CEO of Magpul, Richard Fitzpatrick, has threatened to leave Colorado if the bill is passed. He has publicly stated that making products that are illegal in Colorado is counter to the company’s values. Though the company is still legally able to produce these high-capacity magazines, they would not be able to sell them locally. Fitzpatrick has threaten to relocate Magpul if House Bill 1224 becomes law. With the company employing hundreds of Coloradans, this can largely affect them and the economy.

However, with two of the leading mass murders in American history, Colorado may be a model for other states. The bill is designed to be part of an answer to these shootings. Other bills have also been designed in answers to gun control. The future of gun owners may be questionable.

“I went out and bought a new pistol,” Procopio said, “and it’s something that you go to the stores and you find traffic that you wouldn’t believe. It’s caught the attention of the citizens of Castle Rock especially those law abiding citizens who firmly believe in the Second Amendment.”

More Gun Control Bills in Colorado

Senate Bill 196:Assault Weapons Liability

-The person who provides the assault weapon will be held responsible for damages caused by the weapon

House Bill 1226: Concealed Carry Campus Ban-Bans concealed weapons on college campuses

House Bill 1228: Background Check Fees

-The Colorado bureau of investigation (CBI) will charge a fee for doing and instant criminal background check on the person obtaining the weaponSenate Bill 197: Gun restrictions for domestic violence offenders

-Domestic violence offenders and those on restraining orders must surrender their guns to law enforcement courtHouse Bill 1229: Universal Background

-Background checks are mandatory for all gun sales and transfers 

The City Council of Castle Rock will take their next steps in opposing the Bill 1224 as the Castle Rock Town Attorney prepares a resolution and letter.




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  1. Grace Says:

    I didn’t know about this, I knew they had passed a gun law at the state level but I wasn’t sure what that meant for the individual communities. Nicely done!


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    I wasn’t aware of the specific details of this gun law either. Nice, thorough reporting.


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    Very unbiased story. It is very informative as well.


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    Good quotes, they really help move the story.


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    This is a well rounded article. I’ve been looking for an informative update on the new bills. nicely done.


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    I like the story, could have used a little expansion on the second to last paragraph, talking about Colorado being a model state


  8. Stephanie Alderton Says:

    This is proof that city council meetings can indeed be interesting. 🙂 Thanks for explaining all the gun bills at the end; it’s always helpful to read about what laws are actually being debated right now.


  9. Andrew Says:

    Good topic, guns are a big deal right now especially in Colorado. I don’t think high capacity mags are needed but thats just my opinion.


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    good story, very newsworthy.


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