Colors of the rainbow

November 7, 2012


DENVER, Auraria Campus — Arch is the happy face that greets you upon entering the Gay Lesbian and Transgender Office on the Auraria campus. His personality is welcoming, instantly putting you at ease. The first time I spoke with him he had been eager to talk about the Feminist Alliance and how much it meant […]

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October 23, 2012


10K run….check! Half Marathon….yawn! Marathon…been there, done it! In the last 20 years running has seen a huge surge in popularity. Today’s hottest trend meant to challenge athletes of all backgrounds is the elusive ultra marathon. You may ask, what’s so ultra about this marathon that sets it apart from every other monotonous race? Ultra […]

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Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue on verge of closing

September 23, 2012


DENVER — Emotions are running high at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, 2390 S. Delaware St. as the shelter is facing the possibility of closing its doors by the end of the year. A rough economy and dwindling donations have slowly taken their toll. Established in 1982, the shelter serves as a utopia to cats […]

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Designer geckoes, the latest trend in the reptilian world

September 11, 2012


HYGIENE, Colo. — The latest trend in the reptilian world is one that boasts bold colors, unique patterns and high quality. In one of the worst economies since the great depression, Ray and Carol Roehner decided to sell Geckoes. But not your everyday, run-of-the mill geckoes–these are designer reptiles. Nestled between Longmont and Lyons in […]

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