“No One Solution:” A Problem With Trespassing On Campus

May 1, 2014


DENVER, Auraria Campus —  When most people think about trespassing, they usually think of a weather-beaten sign, draped in barbed wire, on an old hermit’s fence post. Many people don’t realize that trespassing is an issue that frequently affects the Auraria Campus. Auraria Campus police officers have issued about 60 citations for trespassing since April […]

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No Plans to Implement Smoking Ban at Auraria

February 10, 2013


DENVER – While the smell of tobacco may be dissipating over at University of Colorado in Boulder, it’s distinguishable scent remains at Auraria Campus, and it’s likely to linger into the unforeseeable future. Last week, CU-Boulder administration approved a campus-wide smoking ban prohibiting anyone from smoking while on campus, which will be enforced through self-policing […]

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