Taking Sides: Should The U.S. Strike Syria?


Posted Mon, Sep 9, 2013

Savanna Ekengren (Photo by Jessica Culey)

Savanna Ekengren (Photo by Jessica Culey)

Auraria Students Speak out on The Syrian Question
By Jessica Culey
There is a big issue involving the United States and Syria right now. President Obama has to make a decision whether or not to take military action against Syria to protect Syria citizens and possibly Americans against chemical weapons. Many Syrian civilians have died from the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. The question is whether or not the U.S. should step in or have the Syrian people figure it out. Metropolitan State University of Denver student’s weighed in on the question, “What do you think about U.S. intervention in Syria?”
Batl Rogers

Batl Rogers (Photo by Jessica Culey)

“The U.S. should be there if they are making bombs and want to attack us,” says MSU Denver student Savannah Ekengren. “It makes me worried because we were just in a war, and I don’t want to see that again.”
Student Katie Kembell is less informed, “I don’t have any information or knowledge about Syria,” she says.
Auraria student Batl Rogers believes that the problem is, no one knows enough about Syria to have an opinion. “It’s annoying that everyone you talk to doesn’t know what’s going on and that’s what is wrong,” he says. “We will be in war before we know it, and no one will know why. I think the government needs to let the citizens know what is going on more so we can decide whether or not war it good or bad.”

Metro students take a break from studying to talk about Syria
By Kristina Vasquez

All the talk about whether or not the U.S. will take military action with Syria has been plastered all over the news. President Obama meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin over dinner to discuss the plan to intervene has prompted questions with students on campus.
A couple MSUD students think that America shouldn’t get too involved unless Syria plans to directly attack the U.S.
“Why does the U.S have to stick their noses in everything? What are going to be the consequences? ask MSU Denver Junior, Lucy Karuzas. “I understand that the news said there won’t be any ground troops deployed, but I don’t think we want to create any enemies. We have our own issues. There are other strong countries with just as strong militaries.”
Senior Michael Smith adds, “Well the U.S has to figure what’s going on. We can’t be busy bodies all the time. At the end of the day it’s all about America’s safety and I think they should intervene if Syria is going to threaten the U.S.”
MSU Denver junior Roxanne Royval feels if the U.S were to take military action then it might change some student’s lives. “You never know — it could be a huge war and really hurt the people that aren’t going to school. They would have to join the military. It would be unfortunate for them to have to quit work and go to war.”
Smith adds, “It would depend on how high the escalation gets. It may not get to that point of a draft but it would definitely mean more recruiting.”

Chris Rowe

Chris Rowe (Photo by Elizabeth Deluna)

Is The U.S. Military Strong Enough? Contemplating the consequences of any possible military action against Syria.
By Elizabeth Deluna

“What exactly is going on in Syria,” asks Melissa P. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound dumb, but I really don’t know anything about this.” Melissa is not alone as a lack of awareness is a common issue in modern politics amongst students. Melissa did not want to be photographed and did not want to provide her last name. Her expression is of shock and disappointment in the possibility of the United States entering another war and states her concern in the knowledge that the nation hasn’t fully recovered from the most recent war in Afghanistan.
Chris Rowe, a criminal justice and criminology major at MSU Denver, was unaware of the current conflicts in Syria. Chris’ surprise doubled when asked of his opinion on any possible military action against Syria, should President Obama garner enough support as he recently left a four year stint in the Marine Corp Reserve and is eligible to be called back to duty. “I don’t think our military is strong enough,” Rowe says. “Plus with all the cuts- our guys are spread pretty thin.”

Pondering An Attack On Syria
By Zee Nwuke

The situation involving the United States and Syria is a heated subject. President Obama has threatened to attack Syria for the conflict in their country. NBC News stated Iraqi forces are stepping up security along the borders of their country in order to prevent infiltration of military forces into Syria. This is a touchy subject because it could start a World War III. China, Russia and other countries are ready to jump in if something happens between the two countries.
Several students at Metropolitan State University of Denver voiced their opinion on the conflict.
I think what’s happening in Syria should be taken into deep consideration, but with everything that is going on we don’t need something that might lead into another war. With the potential threat of Russia and China getting involved it might lead to a World War III. You never know. Whatever is going on right now needs to be situated in a manner that will be peaceful,” said student Daniel.

Should the U.S. get involved in Syria?
By Anthony Rodriguez

You might think something as big of an issue as entering another country would be on the minds of college students, knowing the intellectual thinking that should be going on, but Metro State student “Man on the Street” interviewee Daniel Grein had no idea what what was going on with Syria. When explained to him what was going on with the chance that the U.S. might get involved in Syria and invade, Grein said, “I don’t think it’s any of our business. I think we have other things to worry about.”

Daniel Grein wasn’t alone in his opinion. Another Metro State student, Tom Steed, believed that the U.S. shouldn’t enter Syria either. “It seems like a monumentally bad idea to get involved in yet another war,” Steed said. “The citizenry does not want to be involved in that, and that the administration seems to be ignoring the long and short term implications of.” Clearly, Steed knew a lot more about what was going on, and knew the effects it’d have on the U.S. considering previous history.
“Considering our recent proven lack of understanding or proper resolution of any situation in the Middle East (Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan) that we have involved ourselves in and were ourselves the cause of, due to the meddling of foreign policy in the region, entering Syria would be disregarding the moral implications for the present times,” Steed said.

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