Shannon Sharpe: Tightening Up Loose Ends


Posted Wed, Sep 21, 2011

Lord Of The Ring: Bronco favorite Shannon Sharpe accepts Hall of Fame ring during half-time. (Photo by Tawny Clary)

Denver – On Sunday, Sept. 18, Bronco fans dressed in their Sunday best –orange and blue Sunday best, did not know they were dressed to witness history. The Broncos were winning against the Cincinnati Bengals during half time and spirits were up. Bronco fans were in for an even bigger treat as the Half Time Show began.

The cheerleaders aligned the field and Bronco team owner, Pat Bowlen walked out with a ring in hand, waiting for its intended recipient.

Former Bronco star Shannon Sharpe entered the field and the fans cheered as if he were still wearing his knee and shoulder pads.

Even eight years after retirement, Shannon Sharpe remains a Denver favorite. With a 14-year career (12 of those with Denver) full of record breaking stats, Sharpe has gone into the Hall of Fame as one of the best tight ends in NFL history. The Pro Football Hall of Fame webpage reveals the amazing stats of Sharpe’s career, such as the most pass receptions in a career at 815; the most Touchdown pass receptions in a career at 62 and 10,060 yards. He also came in 1st place for the most receiving yards in a game at 214 and 2nd for the most receiving yards in a career. On, the site points out that while many of his records have been met and even beaten, his play in the 2000 AFC Championship still holds as the longest Touchdown catch in NFL Playoff history.

At the age of 42, Shannon Sharpe was elected to the Hall of Fame by his brother, former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Sterling Sharpe. At age 42, Sharpe continued his election in receiving his Hall of Fame ring to ensure the path to a successful career is not forgotten. Sharpe accepted his ring with dignity and respect toward everyone who participated in his journey to achieve and surpass his goals. Bronco fans were touched just to hear his acknowledgements.

“This ring is in my size,” Sharpe said. “It has my name on it, but without these teammates and without you guys, there is no Hall of Fame ring.”

Throughout the years, not only has Sharpe been a model of his athletic abilities, he has inspired many who watched him in his progression from the 7th round Bronco pick in his first NFL draft. Sharpe also inspired many with his Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech this year.
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  1. Melodi Byerly Says:

    Very good story and it has heart!

  2. Alex Baskett Says:

    Great local sports article. You might want to add a little more local flavor with some more quotes. Fan responses? I really liked the inclusion of all of Sharpe’s stats. That would make a great side bar, especially if done on a timeline. The lead was buried in the 5th graph. The slow intro might work better in a magazine length article.

  3. Nikki Says:

    Overall a good story, something with which any Broncos fan can relate. Careful with starting several sentences in a row with the same phrase, it can get a little repetitive.

  4. Sachelle Troncoso Says:

    I don’t know the first thing about football, so I’m left wondering why Sharpe wouldn’t be wearing shoulder pads still. Is he injured, retired? If the article is for football fans, it works.I really like the use of the dateline, starting witht the date works well here. Nice.

  5. LeAndra Says:

    Good story, any Broncos fan or someone not a fan of the Broncos could be moved by the article, especially the last quote of the article.

  6. Kevin Rostad Says:

    A great story for a great player.

  7. Caitlin Sievers Says:

    Good story overall, maybe sprinkle in a few more quotes.

  8. James Crussell Says:

    Great Stats! Love the quote about how the crowed cheered as if he were still in pads

  9. monica green Says:

    love the story think it is great to talk about the Broncos and aespecially the ones of Hall of fame. I never knew Shannon Sharpe be in it and his achievements are spectacular. This story gave great details of the Bronco player that I never knew. Real good details.

  10. Shawn Martin Says:

    The side bar with the stats would have been a nice addition. Great story though, very detailed, I didn’t attend the game but reading this I could tell how the half time show went. Maybe add he is a 3-time Super Bowl Champion to his achievements.