Local non-profit is Red Rock’s best friend


Posted Thu, Nov 3, 2011

Takin' Out The Trash: FORR volunteer Matt Meinhardt, relaxes after a day's haul from Saturday's clean-up effort. Photo by James Crussell

MORRISON, Colo. — Every month volunteers help maintain the beauty that is Red Rocks Park in Morrison. On Saturday Oct. 29, the non-profit organization Friends of Red Rocks gathered at the park for their monthly clean up.  The event was free and open to the public, and runs every last Saturday of every month.

“Today went really good,” said FoRR volunteer Matt Meinhardt. “Today we had about 42 volunteers, not bad for the time of year as we get about 80 during the summer months.”

FoRR has been in operation since April 6, 1999 and has since gained many volunteers who continue to keep the integrity of the park as a state treasure.  By maintaining trails, picking up trash, and other duties, FoRR has been important in keeping Red Rocks in it’s purist form.

The group has been in place to preserve the venue from gaining corporeity. The planter boxes with trees that line the amphitheater were proposed to be changed into box seats with corporate logos. The public widely opposed this idea, and thus helped establish FoRR as a non-profit.

With the clean-up running every month, year round there are plenty of opportunities to join in. The only time a clean-up may be cancelled is due to heavy snow.

“Wednesday’s snow did not affect us at all,” Meinhardt said.

The clean-ups and restorations can bring up items that have been in the park for more than 40 years.

“We are still pulling cans cans from the fifties,” Meinhardt said. “The other week we found a bottle dating back from 1904.”

FoRR recycles almost every piece of trash, and sort through everything once they are done.  About 80 percent of all items collected are recycled.

With Red Rocks seeing about 597,000 patrons this summer, there is a lot to keep up with.  During the days of concerts, FoRR can be seen going around the parking lots with trash bags.

More clean-ups are on the way, and if you are interested in volunteering feel free to visit friendsofredrocks.org to sign up for their monthly newsletter.


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  1. Nikki Says:

    Interesting story! I’d never heard of this org. before. I almost wish it was longer, I want more details!!


  2. Kevin Rostad Says:

    Well done story. I never really new that this was a problem up at Red Rock’s. Good to know.


  3. Cherise Scrivner Says:

    Awesome thing to know about! Never knew that Red Rocks did that….One of my favorite places to go! Good information in short form that informs…I like it!


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