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Posted Tue, Apr 29, 2014

March 8, 2014: Officer observed car W/B on Larimer; drove across Speer and past a posted “Do Not Enter” sign.  Upon contact the driver had a strong odor of alcohol on their breath and a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

March 15, 2014: Officer observed car s/b on Larimer in the turn lane; the car drove straight across Speer and passes a posted “Do Not Enter” sign.  The car continued w/b on Larimer, hitting a curb at 11th and Larimer and drove over the curb onto the pedestrian mall.  

LODO: the intersection Speer and Larimer in Denver is prone for DUI's because it's in the heart of LODO (Photo by Dylan Palm-Trujillo)

LODO: The intersection Speer and Larimer in Denver is prone for DUI’s because it’s in the heart of LODO. (Photo by Dylan Palm-Trujillo)

Denver– The continue rise of population in the city of Denver has prompted business to expand. This made streets such as the intersection of Larimer and Speer become a construction zones.

The intersection has caused major confusion not only for normal drivers but has been a place of DUI crimes. DUIs have only trended on the days of Thursday-Sunday, which is when Lower Downtown Denver is booming.

The junction of Speer and Larimer, is in the heart of LODO and is surrounded by 20 different bars. “It’s in a prime spot in LODO”, says Auraria Campus Police. Officer J. Skeen. “There are tons of bars around for people to go too.”

That cross-way use to be travel-able by anyone until the encroachment of the Auraria Campus. That made way for buses and campus vehicles as the only ones being able to use it.

Now, the inaccessibility is show by the two Do Not Enter signs. The drunk drivers have a hard seeing this because there eyesight is impaired.  Skeen added, “We wouldn’t be stopping people if there weren’t Do Not Enter signs, which are all the correct height.”

The Auraria Campus Police Department just want to you be responsible. In other words, Drive sober or get pull over.

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