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Posted Thu, Oct 11, 2012

Make up tips and instructions to achieve a celebrity look

“Pick colors that complement your skin tone and colors that highlights your lips.”

Many women look at celebrities and wonder how to achieve a glarmourious look.

Mame Gawande, a make-up artist at Estee Lauder in the Cherry Creek Mall, explains how colors are essential. “When applying your make up you want to make sure that your lips are the right tone and that your eye and blush are the same, so that way one is not out doing the other,” Mame explains. “Pick colors that complement your skin tone and colors that highlights your lips and your eyes, for example if your eyes are brown go with a light pink or purple or if your eyes are blue go with a green or a dark blue.”

Across town at Aurora Mall Allison Dixon at MAC cosmetics believes that when you have great quality of brushes that is the start to successfully applying your make-up.

“In my opinion MAC has the best make-up because we are diverse and we have a wide range of different types of brushes that takes less than one minute to explain to our clients how to apply.

“When applying your make up you want to make sure that your lips are the right tone and that your eye and blush are the same.”

The first brush is the blinding brush, “blinding brush will help you blend in colors that fit your eye crease,” Allison says. “Your liquid brush is excellent for applying liquid foundation and even eye primer.”

While your liner brush will let you apply eye liner if you do not want to use a pencil, you can also use your liner brush for your lips. And your powder brush is the brush that you use to apply your brush and powder foundation if that’s your preference.

Make-up artist Lauren Luke offers customers a tour of her website where her tutorials explain how to apply makeup, where to buy the products and also where subscribers can make request.

“The key to correctly applying make-up starts with make-up brushes,” Lauren says.
Lauren’s most requested make-up tutorials and if she would share exactly what you need and how to apply that particular make-up look.
Lauren most popular tutorial is her Kim Kardashian smokey eye make-up.

“The first step is to wash your face with whatever your preference,” Lauren says. “Then add eye primer (L’Oreal eye primer can be purchased at Walgreens) to your eye by applying it all over your eye lid. Then you take a blinder brush in apply dark brown eye shady (BH cosmetics or Lauren Luke palettes apply) onto the brush and gently apply in the crease of your eye lid.”

“The key to correctly applying make-up starts with make-up brushes.”

Lauren explains that when you take the same brush and apply silver eye shady and start to apply the make-up on your eye lid under the brown crease above. Once you do those two steps then you take an eye liner brush and shad in your eye brows. Then add mascara to your eye lashes tilt your head back and gently twirl the brush until your eye lashes are longer and curly.

“Then you can either use a pencil eye liner or a liquid eye liner or apply your eye liner to your eyes,” Lauren says. “Use one hand to hold down one eye lid and start from left to right and move across your lid stay as close to your eye lashes as possible do this to both eyes. Then pick a bright color to apply to your lips. You and you will have achieved the Kim Kardashian Smokey eye.”


* Alternatives make-up and brushes reduced prices Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and BH Cosmetics.

* YouTube is an online website that helps woman achieve a professional look from home

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