Electronic cigarettes, a healthier new alternative to quit smoking?


Posted Wed, Apr 24, 2013

The first time people saw electronic cigarettes they probably thought they were a joke or a marketing scheme. However, for today’s cigarette smokers, it is a new alternative to help people with the challenge to quit smoking. The biggest question for smokers is, “are they a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes?”

Creators and product users have claimed such benefits as, no more second-hand smoke, no tar, no harmful tobacco or carbon monoxide are produced, and you can get the same amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes. The idea is that non-burning electronic nicotine delivery systems, such as these, are much less harmful and could prove to be helpful in the quitting process.

Investigating these claims lead to numerous expert clinical studies and medical research on electronic cigarettes. A research study done by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health, in 2010 found that electronic cigarettes were safer than real cigarettes, and may aid in breaking the smoking habit . This research also showed that carcinogens in electronic cigarettes were found to be 1,000 times lower than regular cigarettes.

John Alson, owner of the painting company Mr. Rainbow, was a two pack-a-day smoker who thought he was hopeless to ever quit smoking. This was until he tried an E-cigarette, which allowed him to quit smoking altogether a year later.

“I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to become smoke-free. It is the best alternative to a regular cigarette that I could find, that still gives you the motions of smoking, and can contain enough nicotine to satisfy cravings,” Alson said.
There have been thousands of testimonials that could possibly encourage more Americans to become smoke-free.

BluCigs.com spokesman Jesson Burnam agreed that electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to actual cigarettes. He said electronic cigarettes have helped thousands of people in this country to stop smoking.

“A low amount of carcinogens, but same amount of nicotine, no more smelling like smoke or bothering others around you with second hand smoke, I don’t see how you can go wrong with this product. On top of all that, smokers can save about a $100 a month using an electronic cigarette. It may be more expensive at first, because you have to get the whole kit and nicotine juices, but after all that is said and done, you can save yourself from having to pay about $6 a pack every time you run out of cigarettes,” Burnam said.

Because these smoking devices produce very little smoke, with hardly any scent, they are being accepted by many public places that will allow people to smoke indoors. Research has shown that the small amount of smoke produced by an electric cigarette is not environmentally harmful.

On the opposing side of this issue is one of the top 10 respiratory specialists in the nation, Dr. Richard W. Weber, a specialist in respiratory diseases and research at National Jewish Hospital.

“There really is no 100 percent safe alternative to smoking, and while electronic cigarettes are healthier and proven to help quit smoking, it is still smoking and therefore can still have harmful effects. With electronic cigarettes of all types, it is the heat that is produced from burning the liquids that can be harmful still to your throat and lungs,” Weber said.

Many health industry experts believe electronic cigarettes may seem to be a helpful aid in the quitting process, but should not be mistaken as a fully safe alternative to smoking.

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