New meters are well received


Posted Sat, Mar 2, 2013

The solar powered meters were installed last fall. [Photo by Brett McPherson]

PARKING WARS: The solar powered meters were installed last fall. [Photo by Brett McPherson]

DENVER – New, high-tech parking meters were installed at various spaces around the Auraria campus between Oct. 31 and Nov. 8, last year. The response has been positive so far, despite higher costs.

The devices were implemented as a part of the annual Parking Strategic Plan, according to Auraria Higher Education Center Parking & Transportation Services Manager Dave Berry. They are solar powered and equipped to receive credit and debit card payments in addition to coins.

Based on the A.H.E.C. Master Plan 2012 Update, which was approved by the Board of Directors on June 27, 2012, there are 6,229 parking spots on the Auraria campus. Of those spaces, 133 are metered. All have been upgraded to the new version of machine.

“The greatest benefit is the convenience given to our customers that no longer need to carry coins to park at a meter and adding more short term parking options around campus,” Berry explains.“ He adds that a necessary price increase for parking is a drawback of the upgrade.

Eight quarters used to get 64 minutes of parking time in metered spaces. That same amount only pays for one hour now. New operating costs and credit card fees are the primary reason for the price increase, Berry said.

There is a potential drawback for those looking to take advantage of their credit card payment feature on new parking meters. A minimum payment of $2, which pays for one hour, will be required regardless of how much time one wishes to park.

“The minimum charge is due to the fees that are assessed with credit card usage,” Berry said. However, there is no minimum for payments made with coins. If parking less than one hour at a campus meter, it may be best to have some coins on-hand.

“I hadn’t noticed,” said student Kelly Carson, regarding the higher meter price. Both she and fellow student Justin Foster agreed the new devices are a better solution. The convenience of not needing coins to park is appealing to them both.

Berry says his department has experienced a decrease in complaints since the new meters were put in place. He points out that, “With added convenience come added fees.”

* Editor’s Note: Story was updated 3/19/13

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    I had no idea the price went up… but I agree, I love the parking meters so I appreciate a story that covers them


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    Lots of helpful information–but watch out for passive voice!


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    Nice story. I like the caption you use under the picture.


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    The convinience is nice but too bad the price went up.


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    I like the convenience of this as well, and the info on the cost of convenience is helpful


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    cool. it’s good to be aware of new technology on campus.


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