Jefferson County School Board Approves Boundary Change


Posted Sun, Mar 14, 2010

GOLDEN, COLO. – Jefferson County School Board met March 4, and decided to change the boundaries between

Evergreen High School


 and Evergreen High School, effecting the home school for the Indian Hills community of Western Jefferson County.

School Board President Dave Thomas presided over the meeting where advocates for and against the proposed boundary changes presented their arguments.

 Conifer High School Principal, Dr. Michael Musick, , argued against the boundary changes, as it would take students away from Conifer, as their home school would become Evergreen High.

 “Please don’t change the boundaries,” he said. “I want my Indian Hills kids to remain local and I want my kids in my school.”

 Martin Richardson, father to an Evergreen student, argued that there was overwhelming evidence to support the boundary changes. He said that Conifer is at 99 percent  capacity and Evergreen is only at 80percent capacity. Conifer has nine temporary buildings on campus, whereas Evergreen has none. He went on to say that Conifer is 13.7 miles from Indian Hills, and Evergreen is only 6.4 miles from the community.

 Richardson went on to say that Evergreen is the closest school to Indian Hills and Conifer is the sixth closest school.

 “That’s kind of absurd,” he said.

 Though the two groups had different perspectives on the subject, there was one sentiment that seemed consistent.

 “We need closure on this issue, it’s been on the table for a while,” said a mother of a student.”

 This was apparent to the board members as well. After discussing the decision for some time, councilwoman Laura Boggs said, “I heard from both sides, ‘get it done.’” The vote came down to a question of safety for students driving on mountain roads, overcrowding of classrooms, and closeness of the community to its’ home school.

 Superintendent Cindy Stevenson said it would not effect that many kids. She said it’s just a matter of switching overcrowding from one school to another.

 The Board voted to pass the boundary change. Council members Paula Noonan, Laura Boggs, Dave Thomas, and Jane Barnes voted in favor of the change. Robin Johnson was the only council member to vote against the motion.

 The other major event of the evening was a presentation made by middle school principals to the board. It was a presentation made at the culmination of an effort to create consistency between all the middle schools in the Jefferson County Public School District. The principals presented their expansive and coherent plan to, “provide appropriate support for all the kids that come into [their] buildings,” as Trip Sargent of North Arvada Middle School said.

 The board members seemed to respond well to the overarching goals of the middle school principals, while recognizing that achieving consistency at all levels will be a challenge.

 The next regular business meeting for the Board of Education will be held on March 25. Meetings are held in the boardroom of the 5th floor of the Education Center on Denver West Boulevard in Golden.


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