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Posted Sun, Apr 28, 2013

CollegeMajorDENVER, Auraria Campus — Everyday students on the Auraria Campus, and all over the country, make “major” and sometimes “minor” decisions that shape their careers both during and after college. Those “major” and “minor” decisions determine what they want to study while in school. For many students, selecting a major and a minor is not always a simple task.

The Auraria Campus is home to over 30,000 students who start out their college careers in similar ways — by sitting down with an advisor and try to map out what they would like to major, with aspirations of that leading to a long and successful career. For many students, such as sophomore Ben Pepper, the original plan after sitting down with a counselor usually changes over time.

“Mechanical engineer, political science, and the third I can’t even remember,” says Pepper on all the different majors he tried before settling on his current major and his new found joy.

“Economics,” Pepper says with a smile. “I figured out what I wanted.”

For Pepper finding a college major was tough at first, but after reading “Freakonomics,” he determined economics is something he loves. Like Pepper, many students change their major over their college career.

A recent poll done by State News found that 50 percent of college students change their major at least once in their college career. In fact, many students decide to take basic classes before deciding what they would like to settle on.

Other students around campus are at the cross roads of possibly changing their major now. One of these students is freshman Pat Clawson who is currently majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology and originally thought this was a good choice.

“I took computers as a kid and enjoyed it,” says Clawson about why he chose to major in EET.

Clawson is currently considering changing his major to Civil Engineering, which he sees as a better fit. However, changing his major is not something that Clawson is concerned about.

“I don’t think it will matter when it comes to finding a job,” Clawson says, as he feels comfortable about finding a good job, no matter what he decides on his final major.

Many students hope this is true, but they would like to find comfort early and find a major that will keep them happy while they are in college.

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