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Posted Thu, Mar 13, 2014

The Denver Art Museum's annual meeting was full of optimism photo by Mia Szabo

The Denver Art Museum’s annual meeting was full of optimism. [Photo by Mia Szabo]

DENVER — The Denver Art Museum ushers in each year with an array of special exhibits – this year will be no exception. During their annual meeting, DAM was able to fill each minute with an amazing amount of good news. Perhaps in some years that would not be so difficult, but 2013 was a prosperous year, and 2014 is in the works of following suit.

In 2013 DAM was able to not only break even, but also to make a profit. Better yet, 50 masterworks for the western American were donated by Henry Roath in addition to a donation of $500,000. Frederic C. Hamilton donated 22 impressionist paintings, which gave DAM the largest impressionist collection in the west.

The meeting was centralized on the previous year, the trustee elections, presenting the Cile Bach Volunteer Award and upcoming exhibitions. They were also able to announce that the museum’s new office building would be opening in March.

Upcoming exhibits

With that many triumphs, 2014 will be jam-packed with new exhibits to continue the DAM’s popularity. On the second of March, the latest special exhibit opened called Modern Masters. In this exhibit there are works from Vincent van Gogh to Jackson Pollock. The exhibit is made collaboration with the Clyfford Still Museum and when a ticket for the exhibit is bought there is also good for an admission to the CSM. In May another exhibit will open titled The American West in Bronze. Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective the next exhibit will open in July.

Brilliant” exhibition to come

The end of the meeting was used to show members the greatly anticipated and Cartier exhibit. This exhibit is more than just a showing of priceless gems set in intricate handmade jewelry by a French jewelry company. Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century as it is titled is more than a collection of jewelry, is will also be “A tour through the 20th century.” Margret Young-Sánchez curator of the exhibit said.

The idea for the exhibit began in 2009 when Cartier celebrated the 100th anniversary of business in America with a special exhibit in San Francisco. The exhibit did not go to any other cities but was a great hit. Museum member Chuck Wohniller’s wife went to the 2009 exhibit and said that she was ecstatic that Denver would have a Cartier exhibit of its own.

What will set Brilliant apart from other exhibits featuring Cartier is that there will be several piece exhibited from private collectors that have never been seen before. Along with the new pieces there will be some of the more famous pieces Cartier made during the 20th century including the iconic flamingo brooch worn by Wallis Simpson.

The pieces will be arranged in chronological order to demonstrate the changes in fashions and styles during the 20th century. According to the  exhibition article on the DAM’s website, Brilliant is not just “featuring striking jewelry,” it will also have, “timepieces, and decorative objects produced between 1900 and 1975. This exhibition highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence—and the historical events pushing the brand’s evolution—as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry and luxurious accessories.”

November may seem a long time to the many people who eagerly await this exciting exhibit but  members and nonmembers alike will have the pleasure of several exhibits between now and then.

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