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Posted Tue, Sep 11, 2012

In Search Of: Denver University Graduate student Ming Yue Bao has come to America seeking a better education.(Photo by By Sean Guerrero)

DENVER – The education system in America is often criticized, but there’s no doubt that American universities attract students from every nation. Obtaining a degree from a prestigious American university has many benefits and can provide many opportunities for international students.

“The graduate schools in China are not as good as the graduate schools in America,” said Ming Yue Bao, a University of Denver graduate student from China. “I saw pictures of America and I thought it was beautiful. I also wanted to be independent and live on my own.”

These are some the many reasons Bao has decided to study in America. This is not her sole decision, however, Bao’s family is the only reason she is able to study abroad. Her parents pay for everything, tuition, room and board as well as any additional expenses that may come up.

“It’s very expensive, but my parents think of it as an investment in my future,” Bao said. “I am very grateful and I want to find a good job when I graduate so I can support my parents.”

Of all the international students attending the University of Denver, 80 percent of them are from China. This is a shocking statistic, but Bao had a simple explanation for this.

“DU has a very good reputation and the weather here in Denver is great.”

These statements are very true, but why are mostly Chinese students attending DU when good weather and good reputation can attract people from every country? Perhaps it’s because of China’s rapidly growing middle and upper class. Chinese families now have the ability to afford the luxuries that they never used to be able to afford.

Education, being as important as it is in China, has made it easy for parents to choose what to spend their money on. Their children are reaping the benefits and are traveling all over the world to study, mainly in America.

“I love America, I hope I can stay here for a very long time,” Bao said with a smile.

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3 Responses to “Coming to America”

  1. Antoinette Says:

    I love your article, I love reading about education and of course Universities because I am a college student. Your article is concise and also informative. You reader will began with one aspect and possibly leave with another. Nice article:)


  2. Ashley King Says:

    This article was great, it pointed out how financially difficult it can be to go to a college over seas, and how important it can be. I also didn’t realize that China didn’t have great graduate programs, even though they are so well known for their education and importance of education.


  3. Leah Raaflaub Says:

    I did not know that 80 percent of international student at DU were Chinese! Thats a huge statistic! Interesting article, would also like to know in exactly what field she is trying to obtain her degree in.


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