Dumb Friends League, Denver Animal Shelter Team to Offer Discount Spay/Neuter Clinics


Posted Sun, Sep 23, 2012

CORGIE FOR TWO: Pat Landers stands outside the Denver Dumb Friends League while, inside, his girlfriend evaluates their prospects for a corgie. (Photo by Stephen Young)

DENVER — The Denver Dumb Friends League will partner with the Denver Animal Shelter to offer discount spay and neuter services this weekend. The clinics will be held Friday, Sept. 21, through Sunday, Sept. 23 at the Denver Animal Shelter’s 1241 W. Bayaud Ave.

The Shelter is just one of their 150 partner organizations/host sites in this effort. Services will be offered at $50 for dogs on Friday and Saturday, $10 for cats on Sunday.

More clinic dates will be available on  the League’s website in the near future.

The funds to facilitate these clinics were provided by private donations and  donors, and no state funding, according to Tracy Koss, Operations Outreach Manger for the DDFL. Patrons of these services are required to prove their income does not exceed $40,000 per year by presenting any of the following documents:


  • Quest or EBT Card
  • Paycheck Stub (showing income of no more than $769 per paycheck)
  • Income-tax return form (showing income of no more than $40,000 per year)
  • Unemployment check stub (with current date)
  • Medicaid card
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) ID or letter
  • WIC


The DDFL has been offering the services since September 2005, Koss said. With the Meow and Lulu Mobile clinics as partners, the discount spay and neuter clinics serve as many as 40 patrons per scheduled day in the Denver Municipal area. One truck staffed with one veterinarian can take in as many as 26 dogs or 35 cats in a day. Rain checks are also offered.

The clinic services will be offered on a first come, first served basis with no scheduled appointments. Appointments were offered prior to 2007, but “There were a lot of no shows,” Koss said. While Denver’s overpopulation with cats is worse than with dogs, it’s really more about how this process “reduces possibilities for variable cancers and aggression issues.”

Be that as it may, not all pet enthusiasts have complete faith in the process.

“I personally don’t believe in it,” said Paulette Malone, a Corporate Account Manager with Office Max. Malone has had Lexi, a 12-year-old Doodle (Dotson-Poodle mix) for about four years. While she concedes that Lexi can be a tad mischievous, and being spayed may calm her, she doesn’t want to change her personality too much. 

“I don’t believe in it,” said Pat Landers, a college student who’s never owned a dog before. While Landers agreed that, if population control is the goal, then some action must be taken, he doesn’t believe it’s natural. “I wouldn’t want somebody to spay or neuter me.”



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  1. Spencer Hunt Says:

    I can’t believe that women didnt think spaying a dog was a good idea! great article! Spay and neuter can be really expensive for pet owners. It’s good to see the public giving back and not using state funds


  2. moo Says:

    Good information to begin with and then great job showing both sides of the issue of spaying and neutering. Good sidebar. I always want someone to put why they call it “Dumb Friends” in these types of stories.


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