Cupid’s Arrow and Asteroids are a Hit and a Miss on Auraria Campus


Posted Tue, Feb 19, 2013

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Sweethearts Embrace Valentine’s, Just for One Day
By Tony White

Red and white balloons adorn the front steps of Auraria’s St. Cajetan Center, as a young women passes by carrying a bouquet of roses. It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day brings expressions of love, gestures of compassion and, to some, an awkward day of societal pressure.

Students on the Auraria campus say that even though Valentine’s Day does carry good intentions, it is not the defining day in a relationship. Some, however, feel obligated to participate in the holiday formalities.

“It’s nothing special, but I had to do something today. I couldn’t be that guy,” said Metro State student Ernest Franklin.

Franklin bought his girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day and said he was taking her to dinner and a movie on Saturday night.

Franklin and other MSCD students said that they feel a certain amount of pressure to follow the traditions of Valentine’s Day, even though they would rather not.

Metro State senior Jen Sasser says she enjoys Valentine’s Day, but also feels that there is a lot of pressure put on the annual sweetheart holiday.

“It is a fun day, but not necessarily the ‘Day of Love.’ If you need a day to celebrate each other, it’s kind of lame,” Sasser said.

Valentine’s Day also creates a bustling night for bars and restaurants. Natasha Lopez is a waitress and Metro State student. Lopez says she works on Valentine’s Day, but she doesn’t mind.

“I have to work that night, but it’s okay. I’ll make good money.”

Lopez echoed the sentiment of her fellow students when she said that Valentine’s Day is not a crucial calendar day to her.

“I’m just not that into it. I like birthdays better,” she said.

Valentine’s Day is supported by millions of people every year, with sales of related items dramatically jumping around this Feb. 14, holiday. The website reports that an average of $13.19 billion is spent annually around Valentine’s Day, with $403 million of revenue being raised by domestically cut flower alone.

The formalities of Valentine’s Day are part of the holiday’s identity but, as with most things, the emotion behind the action is what truly counts.

Sasser says that she “usually loves Valentine’s Day,” because it encourages everyone to, “really appreciate people, and I love that.”

The preoccupation to orchestrate a masterful dinner, or to buy that perfect gift, can be detracting from the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. The desire of this holiday is to express your appreciation to those close to you. Our story began with a simple bundle of flowers bringing a blushing smile to a girls face. Consumerism and expectations aside, the simple portrait of Valentine’s Day in that moment makes this day easy to love.

By Pedro Bernal
Valentine’s Day News

Saint Valentine is a widely recognized third century Roman saint who is celebrated on Feb. 14. The interesting thing is Saint Valentine is not reliably known for anything special. According to the website, “Valentine’s day is shrouded in mystery and legend.” Mystery and legend might be the exact words for how many describe their plans for the day and the anticipation of tomorrow’s asteroid flying above the Earth…

For many Valentine’s Day is a major source of stress, for some it is simply just another day and for quite a few it’s all about Lamoure!Picture 2

A visit to the Auraria campus provided three different points of view on how people spend Valentine’s Day. Miranda Olivas, a student, was sitting in an empty classroom making a Valentine’s Day gift bag. Her plans for today included a visit to the hospital to visit a good friend who just had gallbladder surgery. The gift bag was for her friend to “lift her spirits.” Later tonight her boyfriend will come over and Miranda said, “They will play Gears of War or Walking Dead video games, and that is all I am sharing with you.” Miranda isn’t worried about the asteroid that will fly over Earth tomorrow.

“Yeah I know about it, and if it should hit Earth, oh well.”

Karin Marshall, a student and widow of 27-years, has no special plans for Valentine’s Day. However, she was sitting with her daughter and grand-daughter enjoying a break between classes. “Last night I spent the evening with four of my nine grandchildren and that was my Valentines’ moment.” Karin was also familiar with the asteroid and was not afraid of it because she tells those near to hear that she loves them every time she sees them, so, “if it ends tomorrow,” she’s not worried.

David Kinney, Instructor in Technical Communications, said “he had no big plans.” He woke up this morning and told his wife of 20 years, “Happy Hallmark holiday.” So what if the asteroid should crash into Earth tomorrow would that change Kinney’s Valentines plans? “No,” Kinney said, “because it would all be moot.”

St. Valentine’s Day
By Joseph Rios

It’s that time of year again. Valentines Day. Remember back in the day when it was easy? You would buy little Valentines from Target or Wal-Mart, take them to school and have a party with all of your classmates. Now you have to crank out your wallet and search for chocolates and flowers, hoping that you will impress that special somebody. Valentine’s Day can be an exciting time for some people, and just like any other Thursday for others. For Daniela, she is very excited about her evening plans.Picture 1

“My boyfriend and I have reservations for Olive Garden and then we are going to the movies,” she said.

However, for Jessica she didn’t seem very excited about the holiday. “Tonight my mother and I are hopefully going to order a pizza and just watch a movie on Netflix,” she said in a somewhat disappointed tone.

For some people like Luis, it doesn’t even matter if he does have a girlfriend. He and his lady are not planning on doing anything special tonight. “My girlfriend has a huge test tomorrow, so I am planning on staying home and watching basketball all night.”

Ironically there are some people who believe that tonight could be the last Valentines Day. There is an asteroid expected to come very close to our planet tomorrow. However, it is not expected to hit. Not many people were aware that this is supposed to happen.

“I didn’t know there was going to be an asteroid coming!” exclaimed Daniela. “If something does happen though, I am happy that I will be spending the evening with my boyfriend.”

Luis wasn’t aware of the asteroid either. “I didn’t hear anything about this, but I could really care less. I can’t do anything about it, so it won’t make me want to do anything differently.”

Like Luis, Jessica is skeptical about the asteroid. “I hadn’t heard anything about an asteroid, but with the whole Mayan Apocalypse thing, I’m not worried about it at all.”

Cupid’s Arrow Fails at the Auraria Campus
By Daisy Rocha Vasquez

It begins with the romantic reds roses, chocolate covered strawberries and a day for love. It is Valentine’s Day. This year at the Auraria Campus, love is not in the air for some students.

“I think Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday,” said MSC Denver student Katherine selling Valentine’s goodies for her club inside the West Classroom. Katherine said this year she will be celebrating the holiday with her roommates.Picture 2

Down the hallway inside the Art’s Building, MSU Denver student Janet walked around the lounge passing around Valentines Day candy to random students.

“I am going to eat Chinese food and watch a Johnny Depp movie,” she said. Janet is single and decided to send her mother a Valentine’s Day card.

This year Cupid’s arrows fail to enrich the campus with love, but students like Janet keep the love and holiday alive.

Day of Hearts and Love
By Elizabeth Foster

Valentine’s Day is a day of flowers, chocolates and love. Routinely it is a day of couples being cutesy, or single people celebrating alone. An article published on by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association in their annual Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions Action Survey states that, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending totals $13.19 billion! That is a lot of cards, candy and flowers.Picture 1

“I don’t have any plans. “I’m single,” said MSC Denver student John Smith about his Valentine’s Day plans.

Another MSCD student Jesus Ramirez said, “I don’t have any plans. She [his girlfriend] gets off at 11, I get off at 8.”

The number of single men in their 20’s to single women in their 20’s is 1.2 men to one woman. There are a staggering 904 dating service establishments in the nation and an even more staggering 2.16 million marriages annually nationwide.

The only MSCD student who had some plans was Brianne Gibson, “I’m going to Biology, then home to hang out with my husband.”

Not many people know, but tomorrow an asteroid is due to pass very close to the Earth. Could this be the last Valentine’s Day? Smith, Ramirez and Gibson said the asteroid wouldn’t “impact” their plans at all.

The Day of Romance Isn’t Just For The Ladies.
By Kristina Vasquez

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the girls; many men like to be pampered and to be shown that someone loves them as well. It may take them a lot to show it, and they tend to hide it under all the mud caked F-150s and disgusting looks at the Nicholas Sparks movies.Picture 2

Metro student Justin Uyemura simply doesn’t have a valentine this year, but that’s not going to drive him to the freezer for a date with Ben & Jerry. He would rather just go to work or relax. And that’s what any guy would say on the surface, but after a while Uyemura opened up.

“I think it would be really awesome to go to the Aquarium, since I’ve never been and they have that cool romance under the sea thing going on,” Uyemura said.

Most guys don’t seem like they would be the romantic type, but asked the right questions, and they let it be known that the giant teddy bears and life size cards aren’t as romantic.

“I just think those huge teddy bears and cards are pretty obnoxious,” Uyemura said. “Like I don’t mind showing my love for the girl, but that’s a little excessive.”

It’s the over-the-top five dozen roses and three tons of chocolate that get guys a little turned off. A word of advice for girls; get them something simple and from the heart — like “a collage of pictures is pretty sweet.” If you opt for the more generic Valentine’s Day gifts, guys will be less open to a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day.

Another Anti-Climactic Valentine’s Day
By Cara Schiff

Valentine’s Day is still anti-climactic, in spite of the asteroid hurtling in the general direction of Earth. Though some put lot of time and money towards making Valentine’s Day romantic, many Metro students are treating it like any other day. Jesus, a Human Services student at MSUD, said he has no plans. Amber Ashley, a Theater major at MSUD, described her low-key plans:Picture 1

“I’m going to the movies with a friend—a friend friend.” For these two, Valentine’s Day is a toned-down affair. The fact that an asteroid is scheduled to pass within 17,200 of Earth tomorrow hasn’t made the day much more exciting.

If the asteroid were on a direct course with Earth, people’s Valentine’s Day plans would change. Instead of going to the movies with her friend friend, Ashley said she would “move to London and tell my crush how I feel.”

On another sentimental note, Jesus said he would, “spend time with my family and people I love.” It seems that a sense of impending doom would make this uneventful Valentine’s Day more important.

Bitter and Sweet
By Sarah McNeil

Valentine’s Day has a way of mixing the traditional notions of love with the bitter tastes of tears and dark chocolate. Charles M. Schulz said, “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”Picture 2

For some it is a beautiful reminder of the love in their lives that they celebrate daily, but make an extra effort towards on Feb.14. For others it is a tragic reminder of how hard the single life can be.

As the students of Metro State University stroll the halls, the feelings are as varied as the relationships. As Metro’s own Sara Lornitzo said, “[Valentine’s Day is either] awkward, jilted, or forgettable…It’s off my radar.”

Lornitzo is not alone. Many people feel that the holiday is another excuse for consumerism. Others simply think that it is just another day. Metro Student Connie Johns said, “I’ll be babysitting my granddaughter.”

And the seemingly lucky ones will be spending the evening with their loved one. Some will play board games next to a fire; others will be going to shows or dinner. Taken gentleman Will Allen said, “I’m a sucker for stuff like that.” He will be enjoying a concert with his lucky lady.

Whether love is in the air, or the sweet smell of rampant consumerism, tonight will be filled with many sweethearts- be it candy or loved ones.

Love, Loneliness and the End of the World
By Keenan McCall

Valentine’s Day: a time for love, romantic gestures, and “Ooh…so much chocolate.” It can be the day you remind your significant other you love them, one spent feeling lonely or just another day on the calendar. But what would you do if it were your last Valentine’s Day ever, or even the last day period?Picture 1

This rather grim question comes in the wake of asteroid 2012 DA14 passing closer to Earth than any other asteroid in hundreds of years. It’s projected to be completely harmless, but it offers a good “what if” scenario for those celebrating this day of love. Would it affect how they spend their day?

MSU Denver student Ryan Catz was all for the holiday, though not on the exact day.

“I’m taking my girlfriend up to Manitou Springs this weekend,” Catz said with a smile. But here was where things really got fun.

So would knowledge of the passing asteroid have made Catz schedule his plans sooner?

“Wait, what?” Catz said, both out of surprise and amusement. “I guess I would have, yeah.”

Not everyone made plans, or even wanted to for that matter. “I think the holiday is too materialistic,” said MSUD student Peter. “If I had a girlfriend, I would do something though.”

Peter said the passing Asteroid will not change his plan. “I don’t think so. If you think you need to change the way you live your life because you might die tomorrow, you’re not living right.” Say what you will about Valentine’s Day, but you’re not going to get words of wisdom like that on any other day.

St. Valentine’s, Day of Diversity
By Brett McPherson

Feelings are reaching from high to low on the love meter about the St. Valentine’s Day holiday. The only thing in common among students seems to be that most of them recognize it, somehow.Picture 2

MSU Denver student Lauren sadly explained that her boyfriend is working until 10 p.m. on the holiday evening. “We’re doing Valentine’s Day on Saturday though,” she said with faith. Boyfriend Tony left Lauren a big teddy bear and flowers on her doorstep this morning and fled before she could thank him. Chivalry reigns on this day, work or not.

Another MSU Denver student Cowen exercised his romantic flair by purchasing his lady a skull necklace for Valentine’s Day. He’ll also be cooking for her at home tonight.

Two girls who are more ambivalent about the day, Mo and Savannah, will be “just hanging out with friends” and “not doing too much at all.”

There are as many ways to spend Valentine’s Day as there are students on Metro campus.

Valentine’s Day Doom
By Arielle Wesson

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with your loved one and celebrate love and happiness, but not for some Metropolitan State University of Denver students. Some single people like to call it “Single Awareness Day,” or they just block it out completely.Picture 1

Most students agreed that the holiday was stupid and had no meaning. “If you have someone to enjoy it with, then I guess it has meaning, but if not, it’s just another day, a very stupid day,” said MSUD student Bailey.

“My dad always told me that every day is a holiday, especially if you’re with the certain people around who that make you happy,” said Andy, another MSUD student. “I’d rather spend Valentine’s Day alone then spending it with someone I have no feelings for.”

Some students said they’re just going to go out with some friends and party.

“I’m going to have a personal, what’s best for me, day,” said MSUD student Peach.” Peach is also excited to go to her color guard practice to spend Valentine’s Day with all of her friends.

But what about the asteroid that is supposed to go in-between the Earth and the Moon on Feb. 15? Most students didn’t know about the asteroid at all.

“If it hit, I wouldn’t feel anything because I would be dead, but still,” said MSUD student Andy, “I would be content and happy with my life without ever having a Valentine.”

And many students agreed that it wouldn’t affect them at all.
MSUD student Andrew said, “Valentine’s Day is stupid.”

Valentine’s Day: The Chocolate Cash Cow
By Luke Whittaker

A card? Some chocolate? Bouquet of flowers? Maybe a massage?
When it comes to Valentine’s Day this year, one thing remains the same: Spending.Picture 2

It’s anticipated that Americans will drop an estimated $17.6, according to the National Retail Foundation. That’s a lot roses. The average Valentines bill for males totals $148 while females spend $85.

“I plan to celebrate tomorrow, our schedules don’t match tonight. I can’t wait,” said MSUD student Jesse Ramriez.

Not everyone plans to celebrate the holiday with their wallets wide-open, including MSUD student Polly McDowell, “Oh Valentine’s Day, wake me when it’s over.”

Buying Love
By Darion Hammond

From buying candy, flowers, teddy bears and dinner dates at the best restaurants; Valentine’s Day for many can be one of the most expensive days of the year.

Saint Valentine’s Day commonly known as Valentine’s Day is the day for the celebration of “love” celebrated on the 14th of every year. There are few who despise the holiday, while others go so far as spending as much as they can to show their significant other how much they care. Planning for the night might lead you to saving money in advance because this holiday is far from just an “I love you.”Picture 1

From making dinner reservations, buying jewelry, renting hot air balloons or just dinner in the city; money and effort play a huge part in this holiday. Marie who takes classes at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSUD) is planning a night on the town with her husband by making dinner reservations in advance for the night. She doesn’t make too much effort in Valentine’s Day being her anniversary is a week prior, but she thinks it’s a fun day to celebrate. “It’s not important. It’s fun. I would be ticked off if we didn’t do anything though,” Marie said.

Even though there are those who enjoy the holiday, there are others who feel indifferent about the day. Several students’ at MSUD don’t care much for the holiday and feel it’s a day to spend excessive amounts of money. Julie, a MSUD student who also feels indifferent about the holiday doesn’t agree with the amount of money people spend as well as celebrating love only one day.

“I don’t believe there should be just a day to show someone you care about them. You should show them every day.”

Roses and Asteroids
By Caleb Ebert

It is once again February, and once again Lovers the world throughout are celebrating what has become an international day of romance, Valentines Day. This year’s celebration has an additional dynamic; a huge asteroid that will be passing by the Earth in less than 24 hours.

Picture 2On Feb. 15, an asteroid named 2012 DA14 will pass within 17,200 of the Earth. MSU Denver student Jim Hall said, “I knew about it, but I’m not worried. I’m going to the Comedy Club tonight.” Andra another MSUD student said, “I did not know that, but if we can see it tomorrow I definitely want too.” Hall added that she has class but beyond that has no plans for Valentine’s Day.

In his recent online article for NPR, Arnie Seipel wrote about the origins of the holiday, which as it turns out were not as lovey dovey as it is today. Between the Feb. 13 and 15, the ancient Romans would celebrate the Feast of Lupercalia, at which time men would slay a dog and a goat and beat women with the skins of the animals. The Feast of Lupercalia was a big party at which drunkenness and promiscuity were encouraged.

The name “Valentine” came about because Emperor Claudius the Second executed two men named Valentine on Feb. 14 in two different years. The Catholic Church saw fit to make these gentleman martyrs, and St. Valentine’s Day merged with Lupercalia to give evolve into what we have today.

It is good for men to have one day a year in which they feel compelled to indulge their loved ones with dinner and roses, even if the world does end tomorrow.

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