Auraria flasher suspect arrested


Posted Sat, Sep 22, 2012


MIND YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Det. Jason Mollendor says that students need to be aware of everything that’s going on around them. (Photo by Kevin Hall)

DENVER — Auraria police arrested a man Sept. 14, for suspicion of indecent exposure. Authorities believe the suspect is connected with several flasher incidents on the Auraria Campus over the past few months.

Auraria students, faculty and staff have been receiving E-mails explaining about a man exposing himself then eluding authorities.

The most recent incident was at 10:25 a.m. Sept. 11, in the Auraria PE/Event Center Building on the 2nd floor observatory hallway above the swimming pool. An AHEC employee reported that a man exposed himself and began masturbating then fled the scene. The suspect was described as a black male, six-feet-tall, mid-20’s, athletic build, short black hair wearing a grey T-shirt and black athletic shorts.

On Sept. 14, authorities released an additional E-mail telling starting that a suspect had been arrested. No further information was given because the investigation is ongoing.

“It is important to not release information until the investigation is concluded,” said Auraria police Det. Jason Mollendor. “But we do have someone in custody.”

Though while the Auraria Police cannot give out any information on the case, it is still an ease on the minds of many of the students knowing that there has been an arrest.

“I feel a lot safer knowing that they may have found the flasher,” said MSU Denver student LeeAnna Duarte.

There have been multiple similar incidents in the spring semester of 2012, but police did not say whether or not the incidents are related.

“I think the officers did the best they could given the description they were given,” Duarte said.

Det. Mollendor offered several safety tips for students, faculty and staff while on campus.

“The first thing I tell everyone is to take out your cell phone and put in our police department’s number, 303-556-5000,” Mollender said. Mollendor added that in any situation, including ones like the flasher case, call campus police immediately.

Safety Tips-

1) Auraria Police: 303-556-5000

2) If you see something call immediately

3) Put your safety first

4) Be alert


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  1. Ashley King Says:

    This was a great story. I especially loved the safety tips you posted. I also like how you addressed him as the suspect, and not as the actual flasher.


  2. Spencer Hunt Says:

    Can’t believe people actually do that! Great info!


  3. Scott Corbridge Says:

    It’s good to know that the police are right on top of these incidents and make sure to let the campuses know of the situations. Good saftey tips.


  4. Antoinette Says:

    Great photo and I love the tips for safety that you give at the end..Great job


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