Trader Joe’s Moves into the Neighborhood


Posted Tue, Mar 4, 2014

People walk out the Boulder Colorado Trader Joe’s [Photo By Dylan Palm-Trujillo]

Shoppers walk out the Boulder Colo. Trader Joe’s [Photo By Dylan Palm-Trujillo]

BOULDER, Colo. – The past week Colorado residents were on pins and needles as the suspense of waiting for a top of the line grocery store. Enter Trader Joe’s, the newest store to join the big three — Whole Foods, Sprouts and King Soopers.

“[Trader Joe’s] provides us with a lot of fresh new options,” says Boulderite Kim Glasscock, “because for the longest time my relatives in Chicago has had this store and I was jealous to not have it.”

Ben Friedland, executive marketing coordinator of Whole Foods Market and the Rocky Mountain Region says, “Their arrival gives us an opportunity to sharpen our game and focus on being the best Whole Foods Market we can be.” Friedland believes at the end of the day, being our best selves is our greatest competitive advantage.

“Boulder needs competition,” says Maui transplant Paula Clarkton, “with the city being a healthy city already it just provides us with more incentive to get fit.”  After living in Hawaii, Clarkton says she knows how to look for the cheapest prices because food prices in the islands have sky rocketed.

Trader Joe’s continues to generate traffic every day since its grand opening. A Boulder Police officer says he felt like he was getting tennis elbow for directing so much traffic.

Trader Joe’s, Captain Lance Violette, who is the manager of the Boulder store, told the Post-Telegraph that Boulder is a wonderful community, filled with foodies.

“The community is a great fit for us,” Violette says. “Our grand opening was a blast. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our customers and look forward to being a positive addition to the neighborhood for years to come.”


What: Trader Joe’s

Where: 1906 28th St

Location: Boulder, CO

Phone: 303-443-0160


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  1. Travis Foster Says:

    Great story! I like how you were able to go out and talk to the other grocery stores they were competing with and how they felt about Trader Joe’s addition in Boulder. Overall, this story was well-written and maybe I can go check it out sometime.


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