If the Shoe Fits; Make it a Business


Posted Thu, Oct 31, 2013

There aren’t many people who can say they have fulfilled a childhood dream. Two childhood buddies brought their passions of shoes and their dream of making a business front shoe sales into a reality.


Source: vicesltd.com

Noe Magdaleno, and Julian Cabrera met in 2005, they met through basketball and the common interest of sneakers. Coincidently both guys really started to collect sneakers in their 8th grade years.   Through discussions they realized they both have thought about starting a business with selling rare and collectible sneakers. Now they are co-founders of Vices LTD; a website dedicated to buying, selling, and trading newly released sneakers.

Both guys are surrounded with people who have inspired them. Cabrera has been around other friends who have inspired him through their own store fronts who sell sneakers, Cabrera strived for the ultimate dream, becoming his own boss; but founding the market that interested him was his motive. Magdaleno found inspiration from his grandfather. “(Magdaleno’s grandfather) grew up from nothing and made something of him against all odds. He has owned his own barber shop for 40 years and more importantly has made a difference in the community through his business. He has built countless relationships with people that have impacted his life and theirs.”

The actual creation of a business isn’t as easy as it may sound. If it was we all would be able to do it. It take dedication, a strong work ethic, and learning through trial and error. Both Cabrera and Magdaleno said starting the process from their ideas into a complete website has taken about three years for completion. The officially opened their business on July 15, 2013.

“I know quite a few entrepreneurs who have either a shoe business or similar type of business. In my regular job I work with small-medium size business so I have gained a ton of exposure and advice through my networking with peers and clients,” Magdaleno says.

The shoe business is a difficult one to take off; it all depends on who you know. Cabrera and Magdaleno fit as a perfect team because they bring crucial parts to the table to have a successful business now and for the future.

“We have met a lot of people that are integral parts in the success of Vices LTD. Whether it be suppliers, investors, and other business owners they have all contributed somehow. Ultimately it comes down to how successful Noe and I want to be that will lead to the greatest amount of achievement for our company,” says Cabrera.

Vices LTD has high goals; they have enjoyed a small taste of success, but they know they haven’t accomplished what the really envision. In the next 5 years they both share similar goals for their business.

”In the next 5 years I see our business as a staple in the Denver community for footwear and fashion. I envision our own store front with a national reputation. Through hard work, marketing, networking, and customer satisfaction I strongly believe this will be a very successful business 5 years from now, “Magdaleno says.

“Personally I want Vices to become a well-known name within the sneaker community, not just within Denver but throughout the country. Bigger marketing and traveling to sneaker shows are all plans for the coming year. We are just getting started. As far as long term the goal is to open up physical location here in Denver to give the Denver market another option for their footwear needs, adds Cabrera.”

For great prices on exclusive sneakers, and the chance to pre-order certain shoes that release in the near future check out their website http://www.vicesltd.com/.



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  1. Keve Brockington Says:

    Great story Shawn. I hope these two young fellas continue to grow. It is nice to learn that they are doing what they have truly love to do.


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