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Posted Mon, Mar 18, 2013


HOME IMPROVEMENT: Industrial cranes are part of DIA’s skyline as construction begins on the Westin. [Photo by Laurence Washington]

DENVER — Travelers will be excited to see Denver International Airport building onto an already booming business. Customer service is a large portion of an airport, and DIA is not one to shy away from this. With its shuttle services, restaurants and bars, DIA provides many ways for a traveler to relax. One thing is missing, however, a hotel to house travelers stranded during that random Colorado weather the state is known for. But why not take it a step further? Why not install a train to get said travelers to and from the airport without any hassle?

Jump ahead two years and one of these conveniences is at the travelers very finger tips. A Westin hotel will be opening its doors, “mid 2015,” said Stuart Williams, project manager for the South Terminal Redevelopment Program.

The program is bringing in the hotel which will be co-owned by DIA. For the traveler this means convenience; a warm bed when the only other option is sleeping on a cold carpeted floor; a private shower when the only other option is washing-up in a public bathroom. But, not only is this great news for travelers, but also for Coloradoans.

The project will add, “$2 million to the city and county,” said Williams who explained DIA will share the revenue with The Westin. With about 30,000 people currently employed by DIA, and creating more than 200 permanent hotel jobs, this will stimulate economic growth for the Colorado community.

Demon Horse

OF A DIFFERENT COLOR: DIA’s iconic Mustang stimulates conversations for Mile-High travelers and internet surfers. [Photo by Laurence Washington]

Jump ahead to 2016. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) will be bringing in a station for commuters to ride from downtown’s Denver Union Station to the airport. Passengers can board the train starting at Union Station. It will then travel to more stops for other passengers to board. The route will then end at DIA where travelers can continue to the terminal to catch their flights.

With all this construction going on, DIA will be a brand new sight for many who travel through the state, however, one thing is sure to stay the same. Mustang, the blue horse statue on Peña Boulevard will remain standing tall.

“Mustang has become iconic in some ways,” said Laura Coale, media relations director at DIA. “The airport is proud that this has become such a valuable part of people’s introduction to our city. Also, the cultural meme of Mustang has been embraced by the community and has spread through the internet and in fine art publications.”

DIA will be nothing to forget after all this construction will is complete. For any additional information please visit

There are temporary alternative routes for picking up passengers on the West Terminal. The arrivals on the East Terminal and the East Parking ARE NOT impacted.

If you’re picking-up passengers on Terminal West:
Traffic goes through the parking garage to pick-up passengers on Level 4.

If you’re dropping-off passengers on Terminal West:
Traffic goes through Peña Boulevard to enter Level 6 from the north. Visit www.flydenvercom — Emily Pennetti

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