Finding Beauty in Life, Passion and Music


Posted Thu, Oct 10, 2013

Fashion and music maven Sarah Atereth finds purpose in helping others succeed.

Sarah Atereth poses for photographers during MSU Denver's "Own It" entrepreneurship and arts festival on Auraria Campus. (Photo by Liz DeLuna)

Sarah Atereth poses for photographers during MSU Denver’s “Own It” entrepreneurship and arts festival on Auraria Campus. (Photo by Liz DeLuna)

DENVER — The entertainment industry, and life in general, is not always so welcoming. It’s hard to embrace the beauty that life has to offer when you just don’t know where to go, and you don’t know anyone else who has managed to succeed even by their own standards.

That’s where Sarah Atereth comes in.

Some might recognize Atereth as the gorgeous face of Until There’s a Cure. Others recall Atereth’s enchanting voice on her international hit single “Fade Away,” which hit number one hit on the U.K. charts.  Still others not up to speed on her role in the entertainment industry know her as a mentor, a friend and a source of inspiration.

“I am blessed to live a life inspiring people through music and helping them find the beauty in living a life fueled by passion, purpose and personal greatness,” Atereth says.

As an international recording artist, the founder of Beguile Records and an inspirational speaker, life coach and consultant, it is clear Atereth is a woman of many talents with the beauty and the brains to match.

This Columbia University alum has expanded her passion in helping others find theirs, but it’s more than just positive psychology.

“My mission, my purpose is to show others that you can succeed following your own voice,” she explains.

Aside from her role as a personal consultant, Atereth is regularly asked to present her expertise giving “others the tools to celebrate their own voice, overcome obstacles and create lifestyles and business they deeply desire.”

Having presented as an expert at Jack Welch School of Business At Sacred Heart, and interviewed on international radio shows, Atereth is clearly in demand.

Atereth lives her dream every day and her energy is so vibrant it’s contagious. “Own your own voice, power and individuality,” she says.

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