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Posted Sun, Apr 4, 2010

In November of 2008 Wes McCrary and Aaron Wilson decided that they wanted to take their passion for skateboarding and snowboarding and turn it into a local shop that is dedicated to people who share that same love as they do.

After nine months of hard work with business meetings, financial planning, and endless paper work they opened Community Skate and Snow in August of 2009. 

“I’ve been in the business since ’97, and I’ve always wanted do my own thing and open up my own skate shop, and one day I found out that my brother-in-law, Wes, shared the same passion,” Wilson says.

 They then took their dream to the drawing board and brought the third co owner, Mike Parris, into the picture.

 “We had decided on the name ‘Community’ because we wanted a shop that was local and friendly, somewhere where the people of the boarding community could come together and get reliable product for an affordable price, but also where new people can meet and share the same passion,” explains Mike.

 One of the goals of the shop is to stay true to its community and to give back to it. In the entrance of the shop is a glass jar for a new Arvada skate park and most of the profit made goes back to the community by supporting skate teams and improving the parks.

  “Community Skate and Snow is part of the boarding community,” Aaron says. “It is part of Arvada, Denver, even all of Colorado. It is encompassing and inviting, we are part of something bigger, and we want the people of the community to be a part of this with us.”

 Colorado is a state made for these sports; it has the Rocky Mountains which are a perfect fit for extreme snowboarding, and a welcoming place for beginners, and when snow isn’t on the ground it is a wonderland for skateboarders alike.

 Community Skate and Snow is located in Olde Town Arvada, just south of the historical Flour Mill on Olde Wadsworth.

 This location is perfect for the shop because, “the surroundings of the town fit to our standards. It’s a rebirth of an old neighborhood turning into a new modern skate town with great people and opportunities. The town is kind of getting a face lift and we are part of that bringing diversity to the town famous for the local music and friendly bars,” says Aaron. “It’s also great because we are easy to see when you are driving or walking in Olde Town.”

 Community Skate and Snow is not only credible because of their friendly environment, but the staff is very familiar to both skateboarding and snowboarding including maintenance, the right products to purchase, and the best places to go to “shred up the hill.”

 Aaron has been skating on and off for about 15 years, and has been a dedicated snowboarder since 1992.

 “This job defines me because I have been doing this for so many years that I know what I am doing,” he says, “and I have been in skate and snow retail since 1997 so I know the reliable boards and gear for different people.”

 Community Skate and Snow is a family owned business, which makes every visit personal and comforting.

 “When I brought my snowboard in they were friendly from the start,” says Arvada snowboarder, Katie Woskowitcz who always has her board tuned and waxed at Community. “They didn’t put it off to the side but instead tuned it right in front of me. Everything they did to my board they explained why they were doing it, like when they ran my board through the sander they said it was to get out all of the scratches so it would be an easier ride. They seemed like they went out of the way to help me out and taught me a lot about how to maintain my board.”

 Aaron adds, “I think we are different from the rest because first off we are family owned. We are local to Colorado, so we understand the needs of the boarders and skaters here. We are also different because we have products made in Colorado, such as Never Summer, and if we can’t get them from Colorado then we make sure it is made in the U.S.A. We also try to buy products that are eco- friendly.”

 Many of the products sold are made from recycled material. Some jackets even have trash can pockets built in so you don’t litter on the slopes.

 “We think that getting ‘green’ products is important because the earth has given us a playground to board on, we should take care of it in return,” adds Wes.

 “I think we are very approachable people, very customer friendly and customer centered. Anyone can come in and be welcome here. We have 20 plus years combined experience in snow and skate product selection to guarantee,” Aaron says.

Community Skate and Snow offers great and friendly service to someone who is just starting out to someone who has been doing it for years. They make sure you get what you need and then some. If you are interested visit Community in Olde Town Arvada on Olde Wadsworth Blvd west of the movie theatre, or online at

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