Arvada seeds new park project, community garden


Posted Tue, Sep 27, 2011

Garden Party: This 15-Acre plot will be blooming with vegetables and teaming with harvesters next year as part of a Community Supported Agriculture project by the City of Arvada. Photo by Alex Baskett

The Arvada City Council voted unanimously on Monday, Sept. 19 to approve the construction of a park and community garden to be located at West 84th Avenue and Alkire Street.

Planners will split the 15-acre park into multiple sections allowing for several small community garden plots of approximately half an acre to be planted by families or groups, and a large section for a small farming operation.

Park plans also include a green house and roadside farm stand to help make the operation economically sustainable. The first phase of the project is scheduled for completion by late spring 2012, said Councilman Bob Dyer.

“This is really sort of a unique project for us, in terms of incorporating the Agricultural use with the community supported agriculture, so we’re pretty excited about that,” said Mike Lee, manager of park and urban design for Arvada.

Dyer and neighborhood organizer Gina Schley initiated plans for the park after similar plans for a community garden were scrapped mid-process from Beeman Park, located just across the street.

The farm stand and openness of the agriculture operation were specifically included to improve on other CSA operations in the area.

“The two most frequent questions we get are; can we visit your farm, and do you have a farm stand?” said Celia Adamec, the co-owner of Star Farms a CSA in northwest Arvada who spoke in favor of the project.

The land community garden will be split into several small parts allowing community members to lease plots, while a large section will be leased to a single farmer to develop and plant multiple crops, including multiple small groves of trees, said Jessica Prosser.

Not every local resident has provided enthusiastic support for the project. Sonya Bufflives in a residence, bordered on two sides by the land the park will occupy. She spoke out of concern that a lack of funding would leave a half -finished construction site outside of her window.

Lee assured Buff that the city has over $370,000 in city park improvement funds that will cover the first phase of construction that will include ground preparation and placement of irrigation, necessary to start planting.
Community Supported Agriculture is part of the larger eat local movement. Schley has already recruited veterans from the Denver Urban Gardens to help with the programs organization.

“This is truly an innovative plan something we haven’t done on park land before,” Prosser said.”We do have goals for sustainability, for providing more food locally and providing more opportunities for people to engage in their community.”

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  1. mookie Says:

    Very well written article, save for the numerous quotes which are simply stated and not (literally) quoted. They’re so frequent that the awkward comes across as awkward to read.


  2. Sachelle Troncoso Says:

    A first mention of the Community Supported Agriculture capitalized in the first couple paragraphs, before the quote would be helpful to the reader. Great artcile.


  3. Kevin R. Says:

    I thought it was a well written article and it seems like a some what hot topic in the area. Not really the type of article that interests me usually, but I enjoyed this one. Nice to see that some land is still being used for other things than the construction of new buildings.


  4. LeAndra Says:

    Good organization for a city meeting story! Great picture too!


  5. Caitlin Sievers Says:

    Interesting, well written, but I want to know how someone acquires a plot.


  6. Wontawn Says:

    That’s an interesting article and it sounds like a good thing they are doing for the community. I like the different views you incorporated into the article. I might have added when they are breaking ground and maybe explain a little bit more of how Phase I will go, and when they expect the process to be complete. Dates are always good to keep in mind, especially for the community members.


  7. Nikki Says:

    Very well organized and written article. Also, the photo is gorgeous! Nice job, Alex.


  8. Shawn Martin Says:

    A really great picture. It’s like you planned it out that way. I agree with Kevin saying its nice seeing the construction of something else for a change. Maybe a follow up story after the park is built?


  9. James Crussell Says:

    Good article, like how you showed the view of Ms. Buff


  10. monica green Says:

    Very good story very good deatils and getting to the point. It is very informative. There was no confusion and it seems like there were tons of good sources and quotes and well researched.


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